Types Of Water Pollution

Learn about different Types Of Water Pollution. Water is formed underground sources of streams, rivers or lakes, as sources as surface area. There is a huge difference between the quality natural sources of water mentioned above and water quality required by consumers.

This difference is eliminated by the application of technologies for the treatment of water. Because of amplification of the pollution, the solutions become more complicated. There are situations in which water is brought from distances greater than 100 km, or is pumped from depths exceeding 300 km.

On the other hand treatment processes require high energy consumption and more expensive works of investment which raised the cost water in an alarmingly, reaching some times on the raw materials.

After various human actions modify both the quantity and quality of substances which enter into waters which may cause an imbalance of the environment.

All types of water pollution affect all forms in nature. There are ways of penetration of polluting substances in atmospheric water, in the water drained at the soil surface, in the water seas and oceans and in groundwater. The types of water pollution has grown a lot over the past few decades, particularly in those regions of the world with the population and the industry have developed strong and fast, without to take measures to protect the quality of water.

Sources for all types of water pollution are different.

Those that cause fouling after discharge certain substances through installations for the following purposes: cities channeled and animal breeders or discharges of industry sources etc. are organized and, in the case of those which produce dirt by uncontrolled penetration of certain substances in waters.

After their action in time, sources for these types of water pollution can be grouped in:




After how to generate pollution, sources for these types of water pollution may be:

– Natural;

-Artificial, due to human activity which, in turn, may be subdivided into: -waste water and landfills.

For these types of water pollution for the groundwater, sources of pollution are from:

– Contamination with salt water, gas or hydrocarbons produced as a result of mining or drilling works;

– Contamination caused by inflation from the soil surface;

– Contamination caused by the capture section because of failure to comply with the sanitary protection zone or execution conditions.

Permanent sources of pollution of natural water sources are permanent. These types of water pollution can cause often negative changes influencing their use. Natural sources of accidental pollution are generally rare. They are the result of geological phenomena with character.

The following categories for the types of water pollution for the waste waters:

-Domestic wastewater;

-Public sewage;

-Industrial wastewater aagribusiness and fishery units;

-waste water resulting from their own technological needs of water drainage system of washing and watering streets and premises.

No matter what types of water pollution we face, the water pollution affects the environment (plants, animals, humans).

The water pollutions are an important problem for mankind, we have to avoid contamination of water, and this is the first step for a cleaner world.