Types Of Volcanic Earthquakes

There are different types of volcanic earthquakes which are the major cause of harming the mankind. An individual must be thinking that usually they are the different natural disasters, that is; the volcano and the earthquakes. But, the togetherness of them of them is quite rare for most of the individuals. Both of them are the disasters which can cause the maximum damage and can spoil the entire mankind even. But, in order to understand that what are the types of volcanic earthquakes, it is very important to have an overview on them separately.

Actually, the reason behind causing an Earthquake is the release of the pressure which is mounted up over a long period of time. It is one of the most dangerous natural disasters. The main reason of its occurrence is the increased strain in the tectonic plates in the Earth or ground. Then the rocks five them the way to move in a wrong path which results in creating a seismic wave which shakes and displaces the surface of the ground. Also, some man-made events are also responsible for these disasters which are highly accountable of moving these plates and displacing them.

In the same way, the volcanoes got their name after Vulcan. Vulcan is the Roman Fire God. It can be found in the places where the constant shifting or moving of these plates is there. It results in the emission of the hot molten rocks. They are regarded as the magma or lava on the Crust layer of the surface of the Earth.

Both of the disasters are somehow similar to each other. There is a difference but the ultimate result is the same. There are so many examples of types of volcanic earthquakes exist which resulted in damaging a large public property, mankind, animals, birds and everything else which has been created. These are the natural disasters which are actually not natural. In the past few years they have increased a lot and at a very high extent only the mankind is responsible for it. The reason is that the individuals are not ready to except that their modern way of living, their habits of not taking care of the nature has resulted in global warming. This global warming increases the temperature of the Earth. This increased temperature results in the movement and displacement of the plates which finally results in the explosion. There are several cases of all types of volcanic earthquakes, which have noticed in the Japan especially. But, it was the case of the past time. In the present time, the cases are increasing day by day. The Tsunami was also the result of Global warming only and was a type of the Earthquake. A very heavy and string earthquake in which unlimited individuals met to their final end, lots was injured, and lots were missed their shelter. There were dead bodies which the individuals were failed to spot that who they are. This is the result of all these types of volcanic earthquakes. In order to save yourself from this natural disaster then keep your vegetation and environment healthy.