Types Of Visas

There are two main types of visas. One is employment based and another is non-employment based. Visa is nothing but the permission to get entry into a foreign country. A visa is considered as an important document for traveling to other foreign countries. Preferably; it is called as an entry visa or a travel visa. Each country has their own policies for the visitors. Carrying a stamped visa doesn’t mean that the entry in a destination country is assured. The whole process goes in several stages. In initial stage the person is needed to carry own visa followed with all necessary documents. After this immigration officers of destination country examine the provided documents and then decide on whether to allow the entry or not.

However, types of visas can also be categorized on the basis of sizes, colors and shapes. Some visas are plain with a simple ink stamps. These types of visas come in a triangular, a square or a rectangular shape. The color of ink used on these types of visas could be red, black, blue, black, green or purple. Because of the smaller size there is a short room for filling information on this visa.

Nowadays, many countries prefer adhesive or glue stamp. A special brand of paper is used to print these visas. These are similar to a postage stamp. This visa includes both the personal bio as well as data related to the visa. The section of personal information consists of full name, residential address, date of birth and sexual category. Whereas, the data field consists of the type of visa, allowed entries, issuance date, validity and termination date.

Employment Based Visas:

Employer sponsored visa is one among the most favored types of visas. In this category, an employer gets this visa after the permission of the employer. In other words, an employer gets this kind of visa on the name of employee. A labor certificate is crucial for this kind of immigration visas. This certificate is easily available at the department of labor. Once the certificate is offered, an employer needs to file a petition for an immigrant visa. Following are the subcategories of employment based visas.

Specialty Occupation visas (H-1B)

Temporary work visas (H-2B)

International Company Member or Manager Transferee visas (L-1A)

International Company Specialized Knowledge Transferee visas (L-2B)

Treaty Trader Owner and Essential Worker of Treaty Trader visas (E-1)

Treaty Investor and Essential Worker of Treaty Investor visas (E-2)

Religious worker visas (R-1)

Temporary Business Visitor visas (B-1)

Non-Employment Based Visas:

This category of visas is completely different from the first one. In this category, visa gets approved if an aspirant is immigrating for a particular reason such as convinced language learner or religious worker. It is necessary to fill the documents that are requisite in case of non-employment based visas. This type is considered as complex among all other types of visas. Following are subcategories of non-employment based visas.

Temporary/Provisional Visitor (B-2)

Student/Apprentice (F-1)

Vocational Student (M-1)