Types Of Vinyl Siding

Before we discuss the different types of vinyl siding, let’s first discuss what siding is and how important it is to a home. Siding is the installation of an exterior covering of the house, meant for protection and for shedding water. It may also be used for decorative purposes, although most types of vinyl siding are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The property value of a home increases exponentially when siding is installed, as the next owner will benefit from the presence of these types of siding.

Siding is traditionally made of wood, as many homes in northern America use lumber to reinforce the sides of their homes. Some of the earlier homes during the industrial revolution used metal as siding. But now, the most popular kind of siding is made of plastic, particularly vinyl. Siding in whatever form may be installed on the building structure using studs for woods, or an intermediary layer made of wood can be used to sheath the home prior to installation of siding.

The typical types of vinyl siding are not made from just any plastic but from PVC or polyvinyl chloride. This material is known for its durability and water resistance. PVC was discovered in the 19th century but it took another century for scientists, engineers and chemists to discover how to make the brittle, inflexible plastic more functional. As soon as they realized how to reinforce this kind of plastic for construction use, the different types of vinyl siding were modernized to suit everyone. PVC is also inexpensive because of the many companies that produce it.

Early on, all the types of vinyl siding were not considered a good addition to a home, because it is considered cheaper than installing wood or metal. Early versions of vinyl also made it difficult to increase the price of siding made of this material. Back then, vinyl was prone to turning brittle after a few years. Prolonged exposure to the sun, rain and snow also caused the fading of the color of vinyl.

But with improved technology, the different types of vinyl siding became popular again. In fact, many homes preferred vinyl siding that looked like other more expensive types, such as wood and stone. Siding made of vinyl is now weather resistant and extremely modifiable in design to suit the aesthetic taste of the property owner. The types of vinyl siding include clapboard siding, dutch lap siding and vertical siding. Each of these types has advantages and disadvantages. Some of the types are harder to install than others.

Disadvantages of using any of the types of vinyl siding include the need to repair a whole section when a part of the siding is damaged. Repainting may not be possible and the property owner has to live with the color provided by the company. The material is also flammable. However, some vinyl siding companies may give owners warranties to offset the disadvantages, such as free replacement for a certain number of months. The owner needs to wash this kind of siding once a year manually.