Types Of University Degrees

Learn about the types Of University Degrees.University degrees are certificates awarded by colleges and universities to students on successful completion of a particular program of study. There are so many types of university degrees, including undergraduate degrees (bachelor’s degrees and associate’s degrees), master’s degrees, and doctorate degrees. Whatever need you have for your university education, you are surely going to find a program among the different types of university degree that will be ideal for you.

Undergraduate Degrees

There are basically two types of university degrees under this category: bachelor’s degree and associate’s degree. The latter is the lower level and takes about 2 years to complete. The former is the higher level degree which takes approximately 4 years to complete. A graduate from the associate degree program can transfer to the bachelor’s degree program and spend only two years to be awarded a bachelor’s degree.

Associate’s Degrees

Most types of university degrees at the associate level are awarded at the community of vocational schools level, though some national universities have begun to confer two-year degrees at this level. Students interested in this level of education would likely receive degree awards such as the Associate of Science (A.S) or the Associate of Arts (A.A). These types of university degrees are usually transferred to the bachelor’s degree program.

The vocational associate’s degrees are more common for people who are interested in direct professional credentials. The most popular of these types is the Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.). These labels usually differ from institution to institution.

Bachelor’s Degrees

This type of university degrees basically has 4 years duration and is offered by a wide range of private colleges and public institutions. The most common degrees in this category are the Bachelor of Science (B.Sc. or B.S.) and the Bachelor of Arts (B.A).

The kind of degree conferred on you will normally depend on your course of study and your institution. Some institutions offer B.S for research programs and applied sciences while some other institutions offer B.A. for social sciences and humanities.

The most common types of university degrees in the bachelor’s degree category are in education, health science, social studies, and business.

Graduate Degrees

These are mainly for advancement in a chosen profession. Just like the undergraduate degrees, there are different types of university degrees in the graduate level. They are: master’s degrees, professional degrees, and doctoral degrees. The duration of these degrees vary according to the type of program. However, the longest program is the doctorate level which takes between 5 and 7 years to complete, and the shortest being the master’s degree ( about 1 to 2 years of study).

There are two main types of university degrees at the master’s level: professional master’s program (such as MBA or M.Ed.), and Academic master’s degree (M.Sc. or M.A). Most people who enroll into the academic master’s program usually have the intention of acquiring a doctoral degree.

A doctoral degree is the highest of all types of university degrees, which is a prerequisite for the award of a professorship. No matter your years of research and academic teachings, you won’t become a professor without a doctorate degree. It is designed primarily for academic writings, teachings, and training for research at an advanced level.