Types Of Ukuleles

Ukulele is a special type of guitar with unique features compared to the usual guitar. Originally this instrument was used in the Hawaiian culture and has four strings though it was a musical invention of the Portuguese known as Madeira. Craftsmen in Hawaii developed it and gave it the name which actually means ‘flying flea’ in the Hawaiian language. Ukulele is also relatively small in size and designed to produce four different and unique sound types. A standard ukulele has a length of 55 centimeters. Baritone, concert, soprano and tenor are the different types of sounds produced by ukuleles depending on how they are made. Below are the four major types of ukulele.

Tenor Ukulele- This is the most common of all the four types. As its name goes it produces a tenor sound and usually has traditional look and design. The tenure sound is attributed to hoe the strings are spaced which makes it easy for instrumental artists to play very tricky chords that cannot be done using a regular one. These are the features that make it catchy and populous.

Soprano Ukulele- It is easily affordable as it doesn’t require many technicalities for making. This is the standard ukulele and is the tiniest of the four. It is very hard to play though its sounds are the most heard as people are very much familiar with it. The strings on the soprano ukulele are very close to each other such that some people have a difficulty playing it due to big fingers.

Baritone ukulele- It used majorly blues players and jazz bands. This is relatively bigger than all the four as it looks like an actual guitar in shape and size. Baritone ukulele needs quite some expertise for good musical play as it is very hard to play.

Concert Ukulele- It has a deeper sound compared to the standard ukulele and is of medium size. Other features of this ukulele are lightweight and loud sound. It is the most appropriate for stage performances as it can be heard by many.

Ukuleles can also be grouped based on many other features like the date of invention, shapes, color, styles and material used to make them. Most of these features can be manipulated to give a reflection of the artist or the song. An example of ukuleles style is Jenny Pineapple, Jenny Tenor or Jenny Concert which are the most common styles with the Bushmen community. Ukulele makers also embrace different variations in their materials. Some use the oak tree while others prefer Mahogany. The type of material used will greatly determine how long it will last and the quality of sound produced. Some of the prolific shapes of ukuleles include a cut away for the neck or an oval shape to give ukuleles a nice finish. Strings also vary to determine the sound. Most common materials used for the best sounds are ukulele humidifiers, strap buttons, strap and many more. These instruments are fairly affordable going for $150 to $170 for each piece.