Types Of Trucks

What are the different types of trucks? Trucks are motor vehicles that are made to do heavy work. They are made to transport cargo or people. They are also made to be very powerful to be able to be movable aids. Due to the many uses one can find of trucks, many different types of trucks are born. Some of these types include semi-trailers, center axle trailers, mega trailers, tail lift, and many others.

The semi-trailer types of trucks are also known as the road train. They are big and heavy trucks that usually have load capacity of 25000 KG or more. These types of trucks are composed of two parts. The first part is the tractor vehicle and the second part is the trailer. The tractor vehicle is where the engine is, as it is also the part of the truck that houses the driver. These are the trucks and trailers that are suitable to carry palletized cargo as they can load from the sides, top, or the back.

Center Axle trailers are the types of trucks that have, well, center axles. These types of trucks are composed of three sections as it is composed of the tractor vehicle and two trailers. Sometimes, these trucks only have one large trailer, though. These are the types that are most suitable to be used for light weight volume goods that are also large in volume. These truck types allow loading from the sides, top, or back as well like the semi-trailer types.

Next, we have the jumbo trailer trucks or the mega trailers. These are the types of truck that are composed of two parts, a tractor and a jumbo trailer. The jumbo trailer dimensions are 13.6 x 2.45 x 3m and they have a load capacity of 25000 kg. These are the types of trucks that are used to carry voluminous goods that are lightweight as well. Like the first two types, these trucks can also be loaded from the sides, back, and the top.

We also have the tail lift types of trucks. These are the trucks that are equipped with a loading cargo mechanism at the back for heavy lifting. Unlike the first three types, these trucks can only be loaded from the back, given its lifting mechanism. These trucks are mainly used for transport distribution.

We also have the tow trucks. These are types of trucks that are used to transport other vehicles. These trucks are usually provided by road side service to save you when your car dies on you. Refrigerator trucks, on the other hand, are trucks that are designed to carry and transport perishable freight. As the name implies, these are the trucks that are refrigerators as well, so that their cargo will remain fresh all throughout the trip. Lastly, we have the smallest types of trucks, the campervan. These are the trucks that can also serve as your home away from home. They are called campers because of the fact that you can go to places and camp in these trucks as they offer you sleeping and camping accommodations.