Types Of Triangles

Geometry and mathematics go hand in hand and this is why we come across different types of triangles and shapes when studying math. Different types of triangles have different types of angles though the one thing that is common in all of them is that they have three pointed sides. Apart from this they’re all made of straight lines that meet at a point and all angles of the triangle must add up to 180 degrees. Also, all types of triangles are two-dimensional and various types of triangles were used by Pythagoras to form various formulae. This is another reason due to which triangles are important to understand.

The first of the various types of triangles is the equilateral triangle. As the name suggests, the angles of the triangle are equal. The points converge at a 60 degree angle on all three sides. This satisfies the requirement of all three sides of a triangle combining to form a 180 degree angle.

Then, you’ve got the scalene triangle where the various sides are of different lengths and so, they form different angles at all three points. However, regardless of the angles that they come together at, the total would always amount to 180 degrees because that’s the prerequisite for a shape to qualify as a triangle at the end of the day.

All types of triangles are used in different ways. They may be used for construction purposes or they could be used to decorate a place a room or for other purposes.

By way of example, the Flatiron Building in New York is quite similar to a triangular prism. Also, a number of buildings have triangular pyramids on their roofs which shows how important triangles are even when it comes to construction. If you pay close attention to buildings and the way they are constructed you will find that different types of triangles have been used by construction companies to make them.

This is because triangles are sturdier than other shapes when it comes to making buildings while other shapes may collapse more easily due to pressure. This could have disastrous effects on buildings that are rectangular or square in shape. If, say, one part of the building collapses in an earthquake or a terrorist attack, the rest of the building would fall down and apart as well which would mean a lot of money would have to be spent to reconstruct the entire building.

The chances of this happening in a building shaped like a triangle would be decreased by a wide margin. This is why you’ll also see that the Egyptians used the triangle to come up with a number of pyramids. The basic shape used to make the pyramid is the triangle after all.

At the end of the day, whichever of the different types of triangles one looks at, they all are beneficial in their own way where construction is concerned and geometrically, they have helped come up with and understand various formulae too.