Types Of Trees Species

There are two main types of trees species. You see, there are so many different species of trees and they can be subdivided in many different kinds of groupings. However, scientists were able to divide them to just two types of trees species so as to allow people to easily understand them and get to know them as well.

The coniferous trees are the types of trees species that grow upward. Most of the time, these are the types of trees species that are umbrella shaped. These are also the types of trees species that doesn’t grow outward. With the structure of the coniferous trees, they are said to be very strong and sturdy. No matter how much snow pours in, these trees will be able to handle them too because of the way they grow. The leaves of these trees can differ a lot as well. There are some that have flat scales and small. There are some that have long and pointed needles too. The needles and scales that are seen on the leaves will be there for many years but they are known to fall out in due course. As for the seeds, the coniferous trees have cones. The exact seeds of these types of trees species are found inside these cones and when they open, the seeds will get scattered. There are many different types of trees species under the coniferous type. At present, there are over 500 species that are known to man. The most common examples of coniferous trees include first, pines and spruces. If you will notice these trees are equipped with needles that come in different sizes and shapes.

The deciduous trees, on the other hand, are types of trees species that have a more rounded shape. Unlike the coniferous trees, these types of trees species grow outward and spread out their leaves. The leaves of the deciduous trees are known to be flat and wide. This means that when the weather is either too cold or too warm, these leaves will fall out as they cannot survive the harsh weather. This is because their shape will enable them to catch a lot of light or snow which causes them to get very affected with the weather. Another well-known characteristic of the deciduous trees is that they stop growing during winter. This is because of the fact that during this time, they will not get enough leaves and hence will not be able to produce their food to grow. However, when winter is over the leaves will be back and the entire tree will continue to grow. Their seeds come in nutshells or fruits, unlike the coniferous trees. When the nuts or fruits fall to the ground and get eaten by animals, they get spread. The seeds are not digested by the animals that eat them. Therefore, they go out in the animal droppings and this is another way they are spread. The most common examples of the deciduous types of trees species are maple trees and oaks.