Types Of Trees For Gardens

types of trees for gardens

Even the minute details should be taken care in gardening in order to make beautiful garden and choosing the right plants and trees is the most important task. Trees are something that can bring unbelievable elegance to your garden but most of the people think that trees should always stay out of the gardens. The thing is that you have to choose the right tree for you garden. Problem with a few people are that they have small gardens and they think that their garden won’t be able to accommodate trees. The happy news is that there are different types of trees for gardens available today.


Crab apple is a small and beautiful tree that blossoms pink shaded flowers and their fruits with vibrant colors, such as orange and burgundy, can add more beauty to your garden. Crab apple offers strong resistance to diseases and there for this is definitely one among the types of trees for gardens that you must own.


Red buds are the types of trees for gardens that are popular for their thick pink blossoms. Red buds will transform into the brilliant display of pink flowers during spring and it will be quite a scene that no one would want to miss. However, red buds cannot be accommodated in small gardens for they are quite big trees. But for those gardens with comparatively large space, red buds are good options.


Crape myrtles are the garden trees that can be grown even in small gardens. This small tree has clustered; thick white blooms and the flowers can also have pink or lavender shades too. Such types of trees for gardens are available in different varieties also. Varieties of crape myrtles include the ones with orange, yellow and red foliage during autumn.


This is another small garden tree that can be accommodated in small sized gardens. Flowering dogwood has white or pink flowers during spring and beautiful bright red fruits in summer. These types of trees for gardens are most popular in North America and grow well under partial shade.


Kousa dogwood is a comparatively larger tree and growing this tree in small gardens may not be possible. This trees white or pink colored bloom in spring is quite a feast for anyone’s eyes and is very attractive. Even during summer, this tree remains elegantly beautiful with its bright red fruits.


Saucer magnolia are the types of trees for gardens that are considered to bear the most beautiful flowers among any types of trees for gardens. They have large and thick blooms that are either pink or purple with a white touch. The bloom lasts mid to late spring. However, selecting magnolia for your garden require a little bit of research because not all magnolias will grow in all weather conditions and hence you have to choose the right one appropriate for your weather conditions.