Types Of Tourism

What are the different types of traveling? Traveling is fun. We all love to go out and visit the many places that we would want to visit and explore. This is why there are many types of tourism.

The term tourism is used to define people who are outside their natural environment. There are different reasons why people travel – recreational, business, or vacations. They can also travel domestically and internationally. These are what usually define the many types of tourism.

The first of the many types of tourism is agritourism. As the root words “agri” and “tourism” implies, agritourism is basically traveling to a farm or maybe ranches. The main purpose of these types of tourism is to enjoy the agriculture. There are many different activities that are involved in agritourism. These activities are those that involve being in a farm such as cheese making, wine tasting, corn mazes, fruit picking, and many others.

Backpacking is among the many types of tourism that involves traveling without bringing too many things. This is subdivided into two types, wilderness backpacking and travel backpacking. Travel backpacking is the types of tourism wherein there is low cost international traveling involved. This type includes the use of different public transportation, staying at hostels, and the like. The other type of backpacking, wilderness backpacking, is all about hiking and overnight camping. All you have to bring is your backpack and you can be ready to go.

The next of the many types of tourism is called culinary tourism. This is a type of tourism where a person travels to taste and explore the food and drinks offered by a certain location or place. Long story cut short, the culinary tourist travels to eat.

Cultural tourism, also called heritage tourism, is basically traveling with the goal of exploring a location’s culture and society in general. Here the tourist explores his destination’s art, architecture, people, religion, history, rituals, festivals and all other parts of the culture of the location.

Ethno tourism is among the types of tourism that is much like cultural and has some parts of the culinary. Here, travelers go to places to observe the native people of the said place. The main difference is that the people who travel here do not have any intentions of scientific gain.

Dark tourism is among the types of tourism that is mainly for the doom and gloom tourist. The reason why this type is called dark tourism is that here, the travelers visit sites that have been associated with death and suffering. This is why this type is also called war tourism.

Health tourism is a type of tourism wherein people travel to get medical attention or bring medical help to the people of the place of destination. For the people extending medical health, this certain kind of tourism can be dangerous to the traveler; however it is also the most rewarding. If the traveler is the one who is getting healthcare, then it can be lifesaving. Among all the many types of tourism, this is the one that is because of a need, and not just recreational.