Types Of The Volcanoes

People are scared of volcanoes and they should be as they are really dangerous, hence knowing the types of the volcanoes can give anyone peace of mind about the volcanoes that can be existing around them. You see, knowing the types of the volcanoes can give them an idea whether or not they will be affected when there will be eruptions. This way, they can move when they see that the volcanoes around them are capable of doing them harm.

The composite volcanoes are the types of the volcanoes that are steeply cone shaped. The shape of these types of the volcanoes was gotten from lava flows and ashes as well. Unlike the other types of the volcanoes, composite ones do not normally release a flow of lava. When these types of the volcanoes erupt, there will be a pyroclastic flow. This is basically a mixture of ash, dust, rock and hot steam which can cause grave dangers to the people around it. This also means that these eruptions will be at high speeds and hence when there is activity shown in these types of the volcanoes people are advised to move as far away from them as possible. The most famous examples of the composite volcanoes include the perfect cone shaped Mayon Volcano in the Philippines and Mount Fiji in Japan.

Shield volcanoes, on the other hand, are volcanoes that have low, gently sloping cones. This kind of shape is caused and formed by the different layers of lava. Among the types of the volcanoes, this is the one that have non-explosive eruptions. They release lava flow instead. However, this lava flow can be so quick and go on for a long distance. This is why even when they are not that explosive, shield volcanoes are also known to be quite destructive. Therefore, when there are shield volcanoes in an area, it is best to not live or stay near them. The most famous shield volcanoes are Mount Maunaloa and Kilauea in Hawaii.

The dome volcanoes are also known as the acid lava cones. This is because rather than lava, acid flows from these types of the volcanoes. As for the shape, the steepness is in between the shield and the composite volcanoes. Among the three types of the volcanoes, this is the one that is safest, though. This is because of the fact that when lava is thick, it will not be able to flow very far. One very famous dome volcano is Puy de Dome. This dome volcano can be found in France. Oh and the last time that it has erupted was over a million years ago.

Knowing the three kinds of volcanoes will let you know which one will be safe to be around. However, if you have the choice, it still is best to live far from them. You see, you will never know how strong or weak an explosion can be. Hence it is best that you will always be able to keep you, your family, and your properties safe from them.