Types Of The Memory

Understanding the how the human memory works is important and this is why the knowledge about the types of the memory is vital as well. There are many different things that can go on in our minds. But the memory is one aspect of it that should be very well researched on so we can make sure we can do everything we can to keep it healthy. Well, the types of the memory are going to be discussed below and you surely need to get to know them all.

There are two main types of the memory. These two types of the memory are the long term memory and the short term memory. However, the long term memory types of the memory are subdivided into three more groups, the explicit memory, implicit memory, and the autobiographical memory.

The short term types of the memory are also called the working memory. As the name implies, the short term memory is a memory that stays in our brain while we are on it. In other words, short term memory is like a cache that stores temporary memories. These memories will stay there until we dismiss it or until we move them to our long term types of the memory.

The long term types of the memory are those that are tasked to keep and store the information and memories that we have. It is also tasked to manage and retrieve them when we find the need. This being said, it is vital to get to know and understand this area of the types of the memory. This way, you can see what you can do to enhance it as well as make sure that it is healthy at all times.

The first of the three main types of long term memory is called explicit memory. Here, memories are kept because we wanted to keep them. In other words, the explicit memory stores information and memories that we want to remember, on conscious thought. This is what most people pertain to when they say ‘memory’.

The implicit memory is the second long term memory. Opposite to the explicit memory, the implicit memory keeps information and memories that we do normally. Muscle memory is part of this. The things that we do repeatedly will also be part of this type of long term memory. A good example of an implicit memory is knowing how to ride a bike, wherein even when we haven’t been doing it for the longest time, being on one will give us back the memory on how to ride it.

Autobiographical memory is the part of the memory that comes automatic. The things that we do in our lives as we grow up and live it will be stored here. Basically, these are the memories that are in our minds spontaneously. An example of an autobiographical memory will be remembering the first time we got cut or bruised, the name of the first friend we had in preschool, and visions of our seventh birthday party.