Types Of Testing

What are the different types of testing? Software testing is basically what its name implies. It is a process of testing software before it is ready to be sent out to the market. There are many different steps and types of design needed to make software. There are also many different kinds of software. This is why the professionals have devised many different types of testing as well. Among the most commonly used of these types of testing include ad-hoc testing, acceptance testing, accessibility testing, alpha testing, agile testing, automated testing, beta testing, black box testing, and the many more.

Ad-hoc testing is basically the types of testing that require the use of a business analyst, a software tester and software developers. This is an informal testing method. These types of testing do not require any type of documentation to be followed or submitted. However, the people that perform the testing should be knowledgeable enough about the field and the software itself. Most of the time, ad-hoc testing is used to find bugs or other defects that the other testing methods did not find.

Acceptance testing are types of testing that are performed by potential customers of certain software. This is a formal testing method. In these types of testing, the customer will test whether or not the certain software meets the needs of the business where it will be used. Documentation is important here, as this will be a basis of improvements or upgrades that will be implemented soon.

Alpha testing are types of testing performed by the people who developed the software. This is the primary testing method. This requires documentation and is a formal testing method as well. Beta testing, on the other hand, is the step that comes next to alpha testing. Here, the testing is done by the end customers of the software. This is done so that feedback will be gathered from the people who will most likely use the software. Also, when the beta testing proves a success, then it means that the software will be accepted by the people who will use them.

Agile testing are types of testing that needs the software development agile approach. This is a test that assesses the integral part of the software. This is a formal testing method and is usually done with the coding method.

Automated testing are types of testing that are, well, automated. These testing methods make use of testing tools and devices. These tools will allow the software to run and will detect any problems or bugs that it encounters. The most common features of automated testing software are their capture / playback functions. This basically captures anything questionable on the software it is testing then allows you to play it back so that you can decide whether or not it is indeed a mistake.

Black box testing are types of testing wherein the testers are left in the dark with regards to the coding and structure of the software they are testing. These basically rely on the fact that the people will be able to give different inputs and will allow them to validate results.