Types Of T V Genres

types of t v genres

if you can rewind your TV watching life to around 20 years ago, all you can remember would be cable TV that had very few programs with limited types of t v genres. The situation today has changed however, and today you can find different types of t v genres that you could never imagine. Since, every other day a new TV show pops up with a genre of its own, it becomes quite confusing for average customers to categorize types of tv genres.

So for those who little confused between the different types of t v genres, here we have put together the types of t v genres that our TV viewing experience today focuses on:

* Sports

television channels that feature sports or sporting events fall under the ‘sports’ genre. Every time you sit down to watch your Super Bowl, football league or a Sunday night baseball game, you are actually tuning to a channel that categorizes itself into the ‘sports’ niche.

* Sitcom

almost everybody has a favorite sitcom of their own. Perhaps, sitcoms today make more money than movies, owing to the huge popularity and the kind of audience they can pull in. Also, sitcoms today are more versatile in its storytelling than movies, so when you sit down to watch your favorite sitcoms like Friends, Breaking Bad, Californication or Malcom, they belong to the ‘sitcom’ niche.

* Documentary

a television program that records real-life events are known as documentary. Unlike movies, documentaries are based on real-life experiences and do not involve any fictional story or character. Examples would be – Life on Earth, Panaroma, Long Way around.

* Soap

this television program is also known as Soap Opera. This is a drama based television program about real people daily lives. Examples like on my children, Eastenders come under this category. Soap operas are one of the favorite among the different types of t v genres.

* Cartoon

this is television program that involves animated characters. Shows like Simpsons, South Park and family Guy is the best example for the same. Cartoons have become to be one of the most important types of t v genres.

* News

This is a must-have in every house and is a show that reports local and global events. Channels like CNN and BBC are some of the examples. News is an integral part of the different types of t v genres.

* Cookery

a television show where famous chefs come together and teach people how to cook. Shows like Gordon Ramsay’s cookery show, ready steady Cook are a usual favorite.

* Reality TV

this is a new pop up among the different types of t v genres and has gained high popularity among the crowd. The television show features real people facing the camera without any script. Shows like big Brother, American Idol, so you think you can dance are some of the most popular reality TV shows.

As the world of television keeps growing, different types of t v genres keep expanding. Perhaps this how we as humans evolve in our thought and lifestyle process.