Types Of Sports

What are the different types of sports? Sport is defined as physical activities governed by rules. They can be played in water, land, or air. Sports are usually played with the goal of emerging as the winner. There are two main categories of sports, entertainment and exercise. Under these two categories, there are many different types of sports.

The first of the many types of sports are amateur sports. Amateur sports are sports that are played by amateurs. The main distinction between amateur sports and professional sports is that when it comes to professional sports, players are paid and people pay to watch them play. Also, amateur sports are types of sports that are somewhat like training for the professional players.

Athletic sports are, well, sports that are played by athletes. They are played with different physical abilities and skills required. They are also prizes for the people that will emerge winners of the sports. These are the types of sports that have a significant importance in educational institutions. Students that are talented in sports can gain scholarships if they perform these types of sports well and represent their schools or universities. The word athletic is formed from the word “athlos” which means “contest” or “task”. Some most common examples of athletic sports are basketball, baseball, football, and the like.

Blood sports are types of sports that cause bloodshed. They are mainly used for entertainment. Most of the time, blood sports involve baiting blood – human or not. Common examples of blood sports are cockfighting, dogfighting, and the like. Blood sports are also defined as the types of sports that encompass animals getting hurt or killed for the viewer’s excitement. The end result of blood sports is usually the participants getting badly hurt or even killed. This is why the many different types of blood sports are being questioned and opposed by many people.

Demonstration sports are sports that are played with the goal to promote and endorse. These are the types of sports that are mostly seen in Olympic Games. They are introduced officially in 1912 as official parts of the Olympics. They are deemed unofficial and medals that are gotten from it are never counted. From 2008, demonstration sports have not been included in the Olympics anymore.

Fantasy sports are types of sports where participants fantasize of owning athletic sports teams. The statistics of their team are computed from the real time statistics of the said sport. However, they are calculated per player, and not per team. The most common examples of fantasy sports are fantasy football and fantasy basketball.

Motorsports are types of sports that involve motorized vehicles. They are either racing or non-racing competitions. Motorsports are subdivided into many different types: auto or car racing, motorcycle racing, air racing, kart racing, boat racing, lawn mower racing, snowmobile racing, truck racing, and many others. The kinds of motorsports that does not include racing include drifting, trials, motorcycle trials, regularity rally, freestyle motocross, and tractor pulling. Among the many different types and kinds of motocross, the most common example would be F1.