Types Of Song Genres

The categorization of songs and music based on certain criteria is called as different types of song genres and all songs and music can be attributed to any of these genres. Different types of song genres are distinguished from musical style and form even though these terms are sometimes used interchangeably in practice.


The art music that was rooted in the 11th century in the traditions of western music is called as classical type of song genre. Classical music has extremely broad varieties of forms and hence it is difficult to list out the characteristics that can be attributed commonly to all of them. However, plenty of vague descriptions are available for classical music. A music that lasts for a long time and involves the use of violins and such instruments is generally termed as classical.


Country music is one among the different types of song genres that rooted in the rural areas of America in the 1900s. Its roots can be traced back to the genre of American folk music and western music.


Folk music is one among the different types of song genres that includes traditional music majorly and the term was originated in the 19th century even though it is used to mention about traditional songs of earlier times too.

Folk music types of song genre is defined in a lot of different ways such as, music passed on by mouth, music of low classes and music made by unknown composers.


The types of song genre that was originated in the early 20th century among the African-American communities of southern United States is known as jazz music genre.

As the music gained popularity and developed and spread around, it gained the attention of a lot of different national, regional and local music cultures and thus evolved into a song genre with plenty of distinct styles.


Rock type of music genre is one of the most popular types of song genre originated in the 1950s in United States and developed into a variety of styles later on. It was initially called as rock and roll but later on became popular as rock music.

The music of this genre is highly centered on and around electric guitar and is very much song based type of music genre.


Pop song is one among the different types of song genres that was originated in the 1950s evolving from rock type of song genre and is very eclectic and often borrows elements from other type of song genres. However there are certain core elements that define pop music such as short-to-medium length songs, use of repeated choruses, and melodic tunes.


Hip hop, also known as rap, is one among the different types of song genre that mainly involves rhythmic and rhyming speech called as rapping and its origins can be rooted back to the 1970s.

The vocal style where the artist speaks rhyming verses that are lyrical to a beat made by instruments is called as rapping and is not necessary that all hip hop songs should contain rapping.