Types Of Science Degrees

Learn about types of science degrees! There is a wide range of options available for you if you want to obtain a science degree. Just as there are many fields of science, there are equally different types of science degrees available from different universities. Many of the schools would normally award either an undergraduate degree or a graduate degree to a student who completes any of the types of science degrees. These programs are offered by a variety of degree awarding institutions, including technical schools and colleges can offer both online curricula and traditional classes. Students have several options in choosing the subjects they want to offer, which include innovative fields like cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence or traditional sciences like chemistry, biology, and astronomy.

Different types of science degrees are available to help students channel their career paths to different fields. Students who want to work in practical areas such as programming or computer engineering would normally pursue an associate or a bachelor’s degree.

There are equally other types of science degrees offered at the advanced level, meant for students who want to obtain a master’s degree or a Ph.D. These advanced science education is ideal for students who want to engage in research, especially those interested in the development of new theories and the creation of experimental technologies. These types of science degrees can be found in several universities and requires about 7 years to complete after a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

There are also some other types of science degrees that can be done online, through technical schools and colleges. The internet has made distance learning the main choice for people who want to acquire degrees but are limited by distance or time. These students can attend classes online, which allows them to replicate traditional learning environment by viewing real time lessons and watching lesson videos online.

Graduate classes are equally available through the online types of science degrees, which focus mainly on research presentation and independent study. The certificates from these programs are also well recognized like the certificates from classroom programs.

There are many courses available for students who want to obtain a science degree. There are several curricula provided to students by many universities and colleges. The students have several options to choose from but admission is always based on certain qualifications. Traditional sciences such as medicine, astronomy, and chemistry are offered by many of these schools. Some types of science degrees will require students to start with a general subject, like physics, and then proceed to more advanced studies like astrophysics.

Below are some of the different types of science degrees which are available both at the undergraduate level and graduate level:















Note that there are several other types of science degrees. The above is not an exhaustive list. Some courses may require students to do them as single honors such as botany, geology, forestry etc. There are also different specializations in the different courses depending on the career path you have choosen.