Types Of Roofs

What are the different types of roofs? The roof is a vital part of our home. These roofs give us shelter and cover our heads from getting wet when there is rain, too much wind when the weather is too windy, and sunlight during the morning. But not many people know that there are many types of roofs. Depending on the make, materials, and style, there are definitely types of roofs that you can take most advantage from.

The mansard roof is among the most commonly found of the types of roofs. These are comprised of four slopes that can be found at each side of the home. These are upper slopes and lower slopes. The lower slopes are steeper and vertical. The upper slopes, on the other hand, may not even be visible when looked at from the ground. The mansard types of roofs are originally found in France. However, due to its elegance and design, many people all over the world like to use this style.

Gambrels are types of roofs that are much like the Mansard roof. The main difference of these types of roofs is that they have a vertical gable ending. The roof also hangs over the home’s fa├žade. This is something that the mansard roof doesn’t have. Also, another main difference of the mansard roof to the gambrels is that instead of French, the gambrel roofs are inspired by the Dutch.

The saltbox roofs are types of roofs that are composed of asymmetrical and long pitched parts – short on one side and very long on the other. Most of the times, this type and design of roofs give a home an extra floor. One side of the roof is one story high and the other side there is another story as well.

The pyramid roofs are types of roofs that, well, are of the shape of a pyramid. They are divided into two portions that have extravagant designs. Therefore, the pyramid roofs are mainly used in small portions of the house or structures that are small such as a pool house or even a garage.

The hip roofs are types of roofs that may look the same with pyramid. The main difference of the hip roof to the pyramid is that all four sides of the hip roof meet at a certain ridge or flat spot or space. Compared to the pyramid types of roof, the hip roof is known and proven to be more practical.

The bonnet roof is a roof type that also resembles the hip and the pyramid. The main difference of the bonnet roof to the two above mentioned types is that the sides of the slope can form an angle different from the main one. This is because this shape is good at covering a veranda as well as an outdoor porch.

Lastly, we have the flat roof. These are the types that are, well, flat. The main advantage of this type is that it is very easy to construct. It is also more accessible. However, this type requires more extensive maintenance than the others.