Types Of Roofing

What are the different types of roofing? The roof is a vital part of our home. It is the one that covers us from the harsh weather outside. It takes care of the rain that falls from the sky as it also ensures that the snow that falls are only on the outside. The roof isn’t just there for purpose. It is also a great way to make our home beautiful. This is why there are many different types of roofing. These types have their own advantages over each other functionally and aesthetically as well.

The mansard roofs are types of roofing that are mostly seen in county homes. These are characterized by four slopes. Two of these four slopes lie on each of the sides of the house. There will be lower slopes and upper slopes as well. The lower slopes are the steeper ones that are vertically placed. The upper slopes, on the other hand, are those that are not usually visible from the ground. These types of roofing are known to have originated from France, but there are many houses around the world that carry the same style.

The gambrel types of roofing are those that are somehow similar to the mansard types of roofing. However, these are known to have ends that are of vertical gable. These vertical gable ends allow the roof to lie of hang over one faƁade of the home. This is something that the mansard types of roofing do not have. Also, the mansard roof is French inspired while these are Dutch inspired.

The saltbox types of roofing are those that are very interesting when looked at from the outside. These types of roofing are characterized by asymmetrical roof that are pitched long. One of the sides is short and the other side is very long, which makes them very interesting. This is why the homes with these types of roofing usually have one side of their house in one floor and the other end is two floors higher.

The pyramid types of roofing are, well, houses that have a pyramid shaped roof. These are mostly used in extravagant mansions that employ a tall look. These are also used chiefly in small but separate structures of the home such as guard houses, pool houses, and garages.

The hip roofs are those that are somehow similar to the pyramid. However, these types of roofing to the pyramid are that these have flat tops. The four corners of the roof are of pyramid look as well. But the flat top of the pyramid can be used as a rooftop of some sort due to the shape.

The bonnet roof is a roof that is also similar to the hip roof and the pyramid. The main difference of these types is that there are two slides of the roof slope out a certain angle. These will then give you shade where you can place chairs and other things. This is why these are the types of roof that are mostly used in verandas, gardens, and outdoor porches.