Types Of Rocks Sedimentary

There are different types of rocks sedimentary. Of course, each of these types of rocks sedimentary differs in many things but they are all secondary rocks as sedimentary rocks are so. They are formed by accumulating the pieces of old and preexisting rocks and hence there are many types of rocks sedimentary.

The conglomerate types of rocks sedimentary are the ones that are rounded fragments that are cemented together. When the rocks become rounded, it suggests that they have journeyed far and is probably transported from a faraway place. Another name for these types of rocks sedimentary are pudding stones.

The breccia types of rocks sedimentary are the angular ones. They are cemented together too like the pudding stones. Most of the time, these rocks are seen in fault zones and they can be of any color.

The sandstone types of rocks sedimentary are the sand grains that are cemented together. There are some of these that are coarse and there are others that are fine. There are some that are light colored while there are some that are dark.

The Siltstones are types of rocks sedimentary that are silt sized. They are finer than the sandstones but are coarser than the clay. There is a wide range of colors available as well and given that the grains are very fine, you will not be able to see them with your bare eyes.

The Shale types of rocks sedimentary are made of clay minerals. They are compressed with the weight of the rocks that are overlying them.

The limestone types of rocks sedimentary are those that are made of a mineral. Limestones are made out of calcite and can have a gray or brown color.

The dolomite is sedimentary rocks that look like the calcite mineral. This is because of the fact that they used to be a limestone. However, they are chemically altered and hence ended like these.

Gypsum is a soft rock that is, as a matter of fact, softer than fingernails. This being said, this is the type of rocks that can easily be scratched and damaged.

Amber is a tree sap that is hardened through time. It is light weight and is considered to be a plastic too. There are some kinds of amber stones that are transparent. There are others that are brown or red as well.

There are many other types of rocks. There are some sedimentary rocks that are called clastic, the basic ones. There are other sedimentary rocks that are chemical made as well as they were formed because of the chemical changes around them. And there are sedimentary rocks that are formed by organic processes too and these are the ones that are called organic. There are some of these rocks that will be great in your garden. There are others that will be great as foundations in structures as well. No matter how you use these kinds of rocks, just get to know them better so that you will be able to identify how its best to use them.