Types Of Rocks Metamorphic

There are eight known types of rocks metamorphic. Metamorphic rocks are the rocks that are formed by metamorphosis. They are the ones that are formed because of the heat and pressure of the underground. The many types of rocks metamorphic will give you a better understanding of how these rocks look like so let us discuss each of these types of rocks metamorphic.

Slate types of rocks metamorphic are the tough ones. They are known to break into flat and thin layers though when pressure and heat are applied to it. The most common colors that are seen in these metamorphic rocks are red and dark gray. The most common use that people have for these types of rocks metamorphic are floor tiles but there are also some countries that use them as roofing materials.

Phyllite types of rocks metamorphic are the slate rocks that have underwent metamorphosis. They are a pattern that is said to be undulating. They look silky too because of the growth of mica plates as they were getting metamorphosed.

Schist types of rocks metamorphic are known to be the versions of the Phyllite that are metamorphosed. They have mice crystals that are bigger than those found in Phyllites. They are also the types of rocks metamorphic that can tend to sparkle They have, however, surface areas that have bumps.

Gneiss types of rocks metamorphic are the schist that has been metamorphosed. They are known to almost look like granite rocks. If you are able to see layers that are crumpled in metamorphic rocks, then you can be sure that they are gneiss metamorphic rocks.

Marbles are types of rocks metamorphic too. They are limestones that have gone through metamorphosis. When the limestone goes through metamorphosis, it can get crystallized. When this happens the rock will change in both texture and color. The most common colors of marble metamorphic rocks are grey, pink, brown and white. There are some, however, that are colored black. These days, marbles have been used as flooring materials. They are also a common material of choice in making statues and other art forms.

Quartzite rocks are sand stones that have been cemented by the mineral quartz.

Serpentine are the rocks that are formed when pyroxene and olivine gets transformed and added to the mineral version of the serpentine. The color of these rocks can vary too as there can be different shades and hues of greens and this is why they are often mistaken as jade. The main use for these rocks will be as materials for table tops.

Hornfels are the 8th types of metamorphic rocks. They are metamorphosed by heat and are known to not be foliated. The variation of these rocks can be quite wide too. There are some of them that are dark because they could’ve come from the shale rocks. They are said to have come from siltstones and basalt rock as well. The range of their colors can be somewhere in between the light gray and black hues and shades.