Types Of Rocks And Stones

As we walk on the face of the earth, we get to see types of rocks and stones. Remember that there are different types of rocks and stones and that they are not the same as the one before them. Getting to know these types of rocks and stones can give you a pretty good idea of how the earth works and this is why you should get to know them better.

The sedimentary rocks, as the name implies, are types of rocks and stones that are formed from sediments. They are called second hand rocks as they are formed from the tiny pieces of old rocks that are pressed or cemented to each other by time or other kinds of factors. Sedimentary types of rocks and stones can have sand, pebbles, and shells in them as well. This is why the look of sedimentary rocks can greatly vary from each other. The sedimentary rocks will show you pieces of these sand and pebbles on their surface. Since sedimentary rocks are formed from other kinds of rocks, there will be instances when you will see fossils in them. Fossils are basically imprints of the olden times. They can be insects, leaves, shells or other kinds of stuff that are imprinted on the rocks.

The metamorphic types of rocks and stones are those that form near the crust of the earth. Yes, they are the ones that are formed underground. These types of rocks and stones are formed because of the changes in the pressure and heat that is experienced by the rocks. There are many different kinds of textures that can result from this process. There are some that are shiny and smooth and there are others that can still look flat. If you see that the rock has straight and wavy stripes on their surface, then they are definitely metamorphic rocks. If you see different colors in them, then you will be sure that they are rocks that are formed through metamorphosis. There are also instances that there will be crystals forming on the surface of these rocks.

The igneous types of rocks and stones are the rocks that are formed from the magma coming from volcanoes. When the lava that comes out from the volcanoes get to cool, they form new rocks and these are it. When the lava gets to cool fast, the rocks become shiny and smooth. They can look like glass even. However, when the cooling process takes long, then the rocks will be rough and have bubbles in them even. Given that these rocks are formed from the hardening of magma or lava, you will get to see gas holes to some of them. But then again, there are also some igneous rocks that will present themselves to you shiny, smooth, and looking like colored glass too.

Now you know the many types of rocks and stones, will you be able to identify them when you go out and see the different rocks in your garden?