Types Of Rocks 3

There are many uses for rocks and getting to know the types of rocks 3 will allow anyone to be able to choose the ones the right way. You see, there are some people who use rocks for the beautifying of their garden. There are others who opt to use them as the foundation of their homes. No matter how they may want to use them, it is best that you are able to get to know all the types of rocks 3 so as to ensure that you choose the right ones.

The Igneous rocks are the first of the types of rocks 3. These are the rocks that are consisted of solids that are crystallized. The igneous rocks are the rocks that come from the magma that is cooled. The process of how these rocks are made is called an exothermic process. Exothermic process is a process wherein a substance is formed when heat is lost – hence the igneous rocks. You see, the earth is composed of many igneous rocks as there are so many volcanoes around. There are many kinds of igneous rocks too and they are named based on their texture and composition.

The metamorphic types of rocks 3 are the ones formed because of change. Both the other two types of rocks 3 can be made into metamorphic rocks. But how will this happen? What kinds of change will form new rocks? Basically, there are times when rocks get exposed to an environment or situations wherein their main components get unstable. When this happens, the rocks will tend to break or change its shape. Most of the time, it changes their composition and color as well. These are the metamorphic rocks. Most kinds of metamorphic rocks are formed when rocks are buried. You see the heat of the underground and the pressure change will make the rocks unstable and hence break into new kinds of rocks. Examples of metamorphic rocks include gneiss, slate, and marble.

The third types of rocks 3 are called sedimentary rocks. As the base word sediments will imply, these types of rocks 3 are rocks that are formed by accumulating small pieces of other rocks. They are called secondary, as you would notice this is how they are formed. Also, these are the rocks that are cemented and compacted together by nature. You see, the igneous rocks can be exposed to different kinds of situations where they will end up breaking up and hence their sediments become rocks. There are three main kinds of these types of rocks 3, clastic, chemical and organic. Organic ones are the ones that are formed by organic processes. Chemical sedimentary rocks are those that are formed when water evaporates from the preexisting rocks and end up forming another rock. Lastly, the clastic sedimentary rocks are those that are the basic ones. They are the ones that are formed from the small pieces of broken up rocks and get, for some reason, cemented or compacted together.