Types Of River Rocks

Although this does not belong to the three types of rocks, there are a number of types of river rocks that you can use for decorative purposes. You see, these types of river rocks can come in many different textures and sizes. They come in different shades and hues too. Indeed, if you know these types of river rocks you will be able to get the ones that will suit your garden the most.

There are basically just three types of river rocks that can be used decoratively. The dark types of river rocks are the ones that are dark colored, as the name implies. They are loved by many garden enthusiasts because these types of river rocks add a certain feel of elegance to the garden landscape. There are many people who love looking at them because they give you a sense of relaxation as well. Given that they are dark colored, they are best paired with colorful flowers to bring out their beauty. The main problem that people say about these types of river rocks is that they can hold on to heat which can be harmful to the flowers. The trick, therefore, is to make sure that they are in the water to regulate the temperature for sure.

The light types of river rocks are the ones that are light colored. They look great when they are placed near the greens of your garden. This is because they are naturally found near grassy areas. These types of river rocks are great because they can give your garden accentuation that not a lot of other rocks can do. The problem is that when you do not want them to be the center of attention they can still try to be one. This being said, just make sure that you are able to play around with the light that shines through the rocks as they will give you the upper hand in creating a balanced looking garden.

Lastly, we have mixed types of river rocks. These are the most preferred ones to be used as decorations in gardens and other forms of landscapes these days. There are light colored rocks here and there are dark colored ones too. There are some that have hues of brown and red while there are others that can come in white and beige tones too. When you decide to use these river rocks, just make sure that you are able to get them in one source. Two different sources of these river rocks can make your garden look messy as there is just too much diversity going on with the rocks that they will not be pleasant to look at anymore.

Before you purchase any of these rocks, make sure that you plan out your garden first. Think about it dry and think about it wet as well. Consider the plants and flowers that you want to use as well. Think of the color combinations that will be present as well as the arrangement. For sure, your garden will be perfect if you do all these thoroughly.