Types Of Research

What are the different types of researching? Researching is very important. It makes clear things that are needed in feasibilities or dissertations. It allows us to prove conclusions or rectify them. This is why there are many different types of research. These different types of research are used in different situations to deliver different needs. The types of research are quantitative, qualitative, observational, experimental, basic, applied, and developmental.

Qualitative types of research are basically collecting subjective data. These are the information that are described or interpreted. These are data that are not numerical. These are results of questioning or interviewing people. These are principally visual representations. Basically, the qualitative types of research will require the researcher to be observant. He will need to observe the people involved, record data, and form conclusions. Most of the time, the interviews and questionnaires that are used here are open ended questions. An example of where these types of research are used at case studies.

Quantitative types of research, on the other hand, focus on the numbers. These are the types of research used when the need is numerical data. The data needed are those that can be counted, such as statistical models. These are the numbers that are needed to form conclusions as well. The main goal of the quantitative research is to basically be able to come up with statistical evidence. These are the parts of a questionnaire that asked yes or no as well as multiple choices. In other words, these are the closed ended parts of your questionnaire.

Observational researches are types of research that pertains to information collections without the need for the researcher’s input. Here, the researcher doesn’t even need to interfere with the research method. All he has to do is to observe. Technically, this pertains to examining things as they are naturally. The researcher just jots down the information that he needs based on his observation.

Experimental researches, on the other hand, are research procedures that is opposite from the observational type. Here, the researcher needs to experiment with the details that he gets from the research. The researcher will be the one to set the standards and the parameters as well as the conditions that have to be met. These are the types of research that needs laboratories to perform. The researcher controls pretty much everything about the study. Therefore, if there are different scenarios that will take place, the researcher will have the say and control over them.

Basic research is used in researches wherein the purpose is to reveal as well as discover the truth. This is the kind of research that explores the unknown.

Applied research, on the other hand, is done when the needed data is already there. The goal here is to be able to find ways on how to use these data, therefore the term applied.

Finally, the developmental research is used when the data is also already present. The main difference of this to the applied research is that the data here is being used to develop or improve its uses, hence the name.