Types Of Renault Cars

From the birth of the many types of Renault cars up to present, they have been showing a great deal of importance to the motoring world. You see, with the many different types of Renault cars, people are able to enjoy their automotive vehicles as they are able to get the things that they need and want. This is why it is a great thing to be able to get to know these types of Renault cars.

The early types of Renault cars were equipped with a one cylinder engine. The radiator of these cars can be found behind the engine at the back of the car’s hood. This is the basic form of the many types of Renault cars until year 1929. As years went by, the many types of Renault cars are able to prove that they are growing better and hence the brand name became more and more popular. Some of the early types of Renault cars are the 1898 Voiturette as well as the Types A to Types FE that are released between years 1899 to 1919.

New types of Renault cars were born come 1920. Electronic parts started to appear. Serial production has commenced as well. During these years, the top model 40CV was equipped with a 40 HP 6 cylinder engine. It can perform a top speed of 130 KM per hour too and looks really well. As the automotive industry got innovations after innovations, the old placing of the engines and radiators were phased out. The radiator got moved to the front side of the vehicle. Elegance was now a factor in the design of the cars too. From the traditional naming of these cars, they are now given better names and competition between different car manufacturers is now more prominent than ever. Some of the types of Renault cars released during the period of 1920-1939 include the Type GR and other ones named using letters, the Primaquatre series, the Reinastella series, and the Vivastella series among many others.

After the second world war Renault became a nationalized company. In 1946 they released the Volkswagen Beetle looking Renault car, the 4CV. Other types of Renault cars during the period of 1941 to 1959 include the 1950 Colorale, the 1955 Alphine A106, the 1957 version of the 4CV, the 1959 Caravelle, the 1959 Floride, and the 1959 Fregate among others.

Of course Renault did not stop manufacturing cars after this period. In the year 1990, the company was able to produce a new car program that would later on lead them to become one of the successful engine suppliers in Formula 1. Some of the Renault cars introduced from the year 1990 include the 1990 Clio, 1991 Express, 1994 Laguna, 1995 Laguna Break, 1996 Megane hatchback, coupe, scenic, and sedan, 1997 Espace, 1998 Kangoo, 1999 Megane series, and the 1999 version of Clio, the Clio V6 among others.

Renault is a trusted name in the automotive industry. This is why there are many people who trust the brand to give them cars that they can rely on.