Types Of Religion

Although there are very many types of religion, it is necessary to understand what a religion is. Religion is one of the most challenging concepts in the world. Almost everyone on the surface of this planet has his or her own religion.

One major aspect of religion is the belief of existence of some kind of unexplained powers which people tend to believe in. The type of religion one find himself or herself entangled in is normally dictated by the environment.

But how do people view religion? Some view it in terms of worshiping or offering sacrifices but above all, an outmost respect is given to the Supreme Being who is always the center of any religion.

The history of religion can be traced back to thousands of years where people could worship and offer sacrifices especially when there was calamities such as drought. There was a belief that every Super Natural Being has his or her own area of jurisdiction.

Some of the most common types of religion include:

Monotheism religion

Members of this kind of religion only believe on the existence of one Super Natural Being with who they attribute all that happens around them. This a very common type of religion and in fact.

Other than believing on one Supreme Being, they believe that on the existence of ‘helpers’ such as angels and prophets who help the Supreme Being facilitate all his daily routines. Examples of monotheistic religions include:


Christians is also referred to as Abrahamic religion. Members of this religion believe in one Supreme Being; God and his son Jesus Christ whom they believe was sent by their Father to deliver them from sin. Christians believe that they have one common enemy; Satan, who they believe is always out to ruin the relationship between them and God.

They fellowship in church and use the Bible as their holy book which they use as a reference. Moreover, Christians believe in the second coming of Jesus Christ besides the coming of the apocalypse.


They believe in Allah and believe that Mohammed was the latest prophet of Allah. Just like Christians, Muslims do believe in the existence of angels besides having a special place where they can fellowship together; Mosque.

They have three main pillars; the fatwas, the Hadith and the Holy Qur’an which they use to guide them in their day to day activities. Apart from these, they also have beliefs and customs which help them to achieve all that is expected by their religion.


This type of religion revolves around meditation. It is associated with Siddhartha Gauttama.

Another example of monotheistic religion is the Judaism. They use Torah as their holy book and it’s normally attributed to Moses. These group of believers believe that they were the chosen ones by God. They have the Sinai covenant at their fingertips.


In these types of religion, members honor more than one spiritual being. They believe that each and every spiritual being has a unique sphere of influence.

Atheistic religion

A good example of those who belong to this religion are the Raelian Movement who believe in the non-existence of any form of spiritual beings.

Another group which is very antagonistic in nature is the LaVeyan Satanism.

These are examples of the most common types of religion. The list may not be exhaustive.