Types Of Reactions

When it comes to chemistry, there are various types of reaction though these depend upon the chemical composition, quantity and other aspects of the chemicals used in a certain project. Different types of reactions are used to make different types of products nowadays. In fact, it is safe to say that various types of reactions have helped improve various industries in the world. By way of example, knowing how to split up petroleum into its components has helped the cosmetic industry due to the development of petroleum jelly; companies that produce plastic products are actually using a component of petroleum as well; diesel, too, is a cruder but helpful component of petroleum. These products are all the by-products of one thing: petroleum.

The different types of reactions contribute to the development of various types of products as well. Combustion, which is one of the many types of reactions, has helped in the development of the engine that is used in cars, airplanes, ships, space shuttles and other kinds of vehicles and this has helped us progress in many types of industries as well. The discovery of one simple reaction has helped many countries develop their industries in different ways.

Combustion is also something that is used in different types of bombs.

Without oxygen a bomb cannot explode. We wouldn’t even be able to light a match without combustion and so, this is one of the most important types of reactions known to all. The only thing that one needs for this type of reaction is oxygen and since that is available everywhere, this can be used in different ways for the benefit of various industries, companies and such like.

Table salt is also the product of one of the many types of reactions that are known to us.

Salt can be used in so many ways though it is used in foods primarily, it is also used in soaps and shampoos and this way, it has helped in the development of the cosmetic industry. Another of the many types of reactions is decomposition where by a product is split into its components. So, say, if sodium nitrate were to be decomposed it would become sodium and nitrogen. The former could be used to make certain types of salts while the latter could be used in different ways too. Water, too, can be decomposed via electrolysis to make hydrogen and oxygen- two gases that can be used in different ways.

Various types of reactions have benefited various types of industries.

Without these types of reactions it would be difficult to make/produce shampoos, soaps, face washes, hand washes and other kind of products that are used by salons to beautify women and men, both. We don’t realize how many products around us are created due to the existence and discovery of different types of reactions. Without these reactions it would be difficult to create these products and so many industries wouldn’t exist or progress if these reactions weren’t known of or discovered.