Types Of Rare Trees

In the world of today pollution and man-made products have affected many trees- some of these are/have become extinct while others still exist and there are certain types of rare tree that do not exist in the numbers that they once used to. This is also possibly due to global warming, lack of agents that would help ensure that these trees would grow elsewhere and the existence of waste material in soils due to the manufacture of man-made products such as plastic. Now you can only find these trees in certain countries and cities due to which these types of rare trees do not exist or can be found just anywhere.

The Baobob tree is one of the various types of rare trees that you can now only see/find in Africa or India and these trees are amongst the most endangered trees in the world. They exist in few numbers today. For survival purposes it stores water in its trunk as camels do in their humps, in order to keep themselves hydrated. These types of rare trees have no leaves for more than half a year and the trees grow and stay on for about 3 months. Interestingly people make their homes in the base of the tree and the tree happens to produce a fruit (that is edible) known as the monkeyfruit as well.

Another of the many types of rare trees are the dragon trees- again these cannot be found anywhere and everywhere and those that already exist are quite old (except for those that have been grafted) and some of these are about 2000 years old! There are 40 different species of the dragon tree and you can see some of these types of rare trees in Africa. Some species can be found in other countries as well though.

The monkey puzzle tree is also one of those types of rare trees that, apart from being rare, are also endangered. These trees are evergreen trees and they are considered to be quite old. They can be found in the endangered forests of Chile. These types of rare trees are so old that they are actually considered to be living fossils and are the ‘national tree’ of the country as well. They have very peculiar leaves that look, as if though, they have tails! These can be found in many yards in the world though they are still endangered.

These are some types of rare trees that now only grow in particular areas and fields where it is possible to grow them and are also endangered due to climatic conditions and such like. Grafting and science and technology has made it possible to cultivate them but they still exist in fewer numbers than they used to which is why they are considered to be endangered. These trees today have market incentive because of which they still exist but it is presumed that without such incentive they would be extinct or much more endangered than they already are.