Types Of Rare Flowers

Flowers of all types exist and while there are a number of common ones, there are certain types of rare flowers out there which not too many people are aware of. Some of us are not aware of these because of the fact that they do not grow in places that we have been to but only grow in certain countries; then there are those types of rare flowers that only grow in a certain season and finally, there are those that exist in fewer numbers because mankind plays with nature and as a result quite a few of these flowers are now endangered.

The first of these types of rare flowers is the jade vine (Strongylodon macrobotrys) which grows in the tropical climate of the Philippines. It is actually a relative of kidney beans and if you look closely enough you can see flowers that have hanging trusses. Some of the flowers are blue in color while there are also those that are mint green. Unfortunately the lack of pollination agents has made it difficult for the flower to grow elsewhere and it is now considered to be an endangered species. This is a classic example of flowers that have been threatened by man’s toying around with nature.

One the rarest types of species is the Parrot beak flower which is named so because of the fact that the petals are literally shaped and colored like parrot beaks. These used to be quite common in the Canary Island and it was believed that sunbirds played a role in the pollination of these flowers. These birds do not exist any longer but they are still grown in the horticulture trade though.

Another one of the types of rare flowers are the koki’o which can be found in Hawaii. The flower is the most spectacular part of the plant and initially it was thought to be extinct because of the fact that the last seedling died in 1950 but fortunately one of its branches was found and saved from a fire in the year, 1978 and these were then grafted so that more of these could be grown. You can see these flowers in Hawaii.

The Middlemist red is the rarest of all types of rare flowers because very few of these are known to exist today. Only two examples of these are known to exist thus far- one in a greenhouse in Britain and the other in the country, New Zealand.

As can be seen, these types of rare flowers have been affected by mankind and global changes to a great extent. In some cases the lack of pollen carriers has made things even tougher for these plants to spread and grown in larger numbers. The various types of rare flowers that exist today are found in certain countries only because the climate is suitable for their growth and fortunately, science and technology has made grafting of their branches possible which means that they can now be grown in larger numbers.