Types Of Rainforest Flowers

Do you love flowers? If yes, then you are at right place. In this article you will find some interesting information about different types of rainforest flowers, which are exotic, very beautiful and different from other types of flowers. Rainforests flowers grow in the tropical rainforests where usual temperature is over 60 Fahrenheit. Below you will find some information about the following flowers. Orchids, Queen’s Tears, Lilies, Poinciana, Torch Ginger, Heliconia and Bromeliads.


This type of rainforest flowers grows in humid environments such is the Amazon rainforest. This type of rainforest flower is most frequently found rainforest flower in tropical rainforests. There are more than twenty thousand known species of orchids. You can see orchids of different sizes, shapes and colors. There are also types of orchids that are called epiphytes, these are wild orchids.

Queen’s Tears

This type of flowers is very colorful. Possible colors of their blooms are: Pink, Rose, Mauve, Coral, Apricot. Queen’s Tears grow in the rainforests of Argentina and Brazil. You can grow it indoors.

Water Lily

The scientific name of water lily is Nymphaeaceae. Water Lily is floating on the water and it is a really good sight. There are two main types of Water Lily: hardy and tropical. The difference between them is blooming time, blooming on daylight is characteristic for hardy one and blooming any time during the day is for tropical one. They are found in the Amazon Rainforest.


The Poinciana, this type of rainforest flowers is also called peacock, it is really exotic. Bowl-shaped, red and orange flowers are characteristic for this type of rainforest flowers. They can be found on the tropical territories of America. This plant’s possible height is 20 feet, it is a fast growing plant, can leave on the territory of other regions too.

Torch Ginger

This is one more rainforest flower. Its scientific name is Etlingera elatior. It can be 6 m tall. Flower colors are mostly red and pink, white Torch Ginger is rare. Torch Ginger is one of the tallest rainforest flowers found on the territory of Hawaii. This type of rainforest flower is not only used for decorations it is also used in cooking in the southern Asia.


This type of rainforest flowers grows in the Amazon rainforest. The species of Heliconia can be found in the rainforests of America, Indonesia and the Islands of Pacic Ocean. This type of rainforest flower’s height is ranging from 0.5 to 4.5 meters, the height of the flower is depended on its species.


This type of rainforest flower also grows in tropical environments. They are brightly colored flowers. The flower’s bloom is like a bowl, it stores rainforest water. Can be found in the rainforests of America. There are 3170 species of Bromeliads found. It is unique for septal nectars. It has epiphytes, one of them is Spanish moss. One specie of this type of rainforest flower can be found on the territory of Africa.

As you see rainforests are the homes of many exotic and beautiful flowers.