Types Of Prose

How different types of prose can increase the natural flow of language?

Prose is the grammatical structure and natural flow of language that is used in the literature. It is normally used against the poetry. Novels, stories and essays are having the structure and style of prose. It supports the dialogues, serious debate and realistic revelation. Other than novels and stories it is also used in newspapers, films, history, magazines, encyclopedias, philosophy, law and many other ways of communication.

There are various types of prose that are using in different forms:

Non-fictional prose:

Non-fiction is mainly based on the realities and facts. This is one of the most favorite types of prose. People love to read non-fictional things. These are usually used to describe the historical or empirical truth of the country or some nation and even other historical issues. There is a huge list of non-fiction examples of prose in which it is used are: textbooks, journals, histories, travel books, scientific papers, technical documentation, diaries biographies, blue prints and diagrams.

Short stories prose:

Short stories are also including in the types of prose. They are limited in length, which is why they are known as short stories. The existence of short stories is as old as the literature. They are the part of the literature. The short stories are usually consists of some narrations, dialogues, commentaries and descriptions. The characters are drown in such a pattern that they are justified their roles in the frames of the story. The writer should have been so skilled in his field that he should give the whole message in the short story and do not feel difficulty in shorten his ideas. Some of the examples of the short stories are ‘well-lighted place’ and to ‘build a fire’.


Novels are the most famous types of prose. The novel is the very well used form of the prose that mostly writers are wanted to write. Not all novelists are the great writers but still there are many writers who are famous in this field. It is described in a big scale but the important thing in writing a novel is that the writer should elaborate his story in such a way that the readers should not lose their interests in any scene and even on any page. He has to grip their interest tightly. Readers love to read novels in the literature as it proves the best qualitative appearance of literature. The 20th century has given the name of the century of the novels.


Fables are other famous types of prose. Mostly children and adults are the huge followers of this kind of stories. In these stories the animals are the main characters of the stories where they create dialogues with human. They are talking like human beings but keep their animal traits with them. They are pointing out the problems and issues of the human world and make dialogues accordingly. They are giving the moral lessons to their readers with their conversations. The fables were first started in Greece and India.