Types Of Propaganda

Propaganda is one of the most commonly used technique in the political arena. Although different types of propaganda have been used over time to move multitudes, it is always very difficult to distinguish whether one’s statements are propaganda or not.

Propaganda is normally geared towards persuading a group of people to do certain things which are inclined towards a specific direction or opinion. A propagandist must be a very witty person as it involves having a good knowledge of the audience which is to be persuaded.

Some of the most common types of propaganda include:


These are the most commonly use statements in very many forms of advertisements. This techniques involves the use of statements which are normally presented to the audience as a fact yet they are not. Usually, these statements do not have concrete evidence to support then and they are usually adopted the way they are.

A very good example of assertion is advertisements in which vendors claim that their products can do certain things while they do not provide any evidence to show that the product really works.


This is a very common type of propaganda especially in the political arena. In this techniques, the targeted audience is normally convinced to follow a certain group of people with same ideology but who they believe are most likely to win the contest under question.

Since no one is always ready to lose, the targeted audience will always be compelled to join the group which they highly suspect is to win. It all revolves around doing certain things simply because other people are doing it.

Glittering generalities

This type of propaganda involves the use of very flowery words that the audience do not bother to find out the magnitude of truth in the subject matter. Example of such statements may include ‘upholding the rule of law’ where people will assume that all other statements are right since the statement is positive. Politicians are very smart in this and they easily get away with these types of propagandas

Calling names

This is also a very popular type of propaganda among politicians. It involves pointing fingers at the opponent and tarnishing his or her name using scenarios or even examples which tarnish the opponents name or policies.

They tend to associate them with issues of events which they believe the public really dislike.

Plain folks

This is where one tries to convince the audience that they share the same plights which is not always the case. They will always try to be part of the crowd by either using common jokes that particular audience share in common or the audience’s own language just to ensure that he or she wins their heart.


These types of propaganda are also referred to as stereotyping. It is suitable where the audience is not educated where one party can directly pinpoint the enemy where the audience is given the option to choose either from good or bad.