Types Of Plastic

What are the different types of plastic? Plastic is a material that is used in almost everything around. They are very useful. However, they are also known to harm the environment. This is why the authorities has specified the different types of plastic. These types of plastic will let you know what materials are used to make them so you will know how to deal with them.

Plastics that have a code of 1 are types of plastic made out of polyethylene terephthalate. These are chemicals that are also known as PET or PETE. These types of plastic are those that are able to absorb odors and food flavors of the items that are stored in them. When you see a plastic with this label, it means that the plastic is recyclable. From whatever form it may be, the PETE types of plastic can be recycled into bean bags, medicine jars, combs, ropes, tote bags, carpets, and many more.

When you see plastics that have a code 2, it means that these are types of plastic that are made out of high density polyethylene. These plastic products are also called HDPE. The HDPE products are known to be safe. They do not transmit anything from chemicals into the food and drinks that are placed in them. Much like the PETE plastics, the HDPE are also recyclable. These types of plastic can be recycled to detergent containers, motor oil containers, and many others. These are also the types of plastic that are used to make personalized toys.

The third types of plastic are the ones labeled as 3. These are plastics that are made out of polyvinyl chloride of PVCs. Unlike the first two types, these plastics are not and cannot be recycled. They are also known to be harmful when it gets ingested. This is why most of the products that are made out of these types are not in contact with food. These are commonly found as plumbing pipes and flooring materials.

Plastics labeled as 4 are those made out of low density polyethylene or LDPE. Although these types of plastic are not commonly recycled, there are still some materials that are made out of recycled LDPEs. Much like the number 2s, these are known to be safe as well. These plastics are known to be very flexible and durable, too. Some examples of LDPE made materials are grocery bags, cling wraps, squeezable bottles, and even sandwich bags. When LDPE is recycled, it can be made into garbage cans and furniture.

The plastics labeled 5 are those that are made out of polypropylene. These are strong plastics. They are known to be able to withstand high temperatures. These are the plastics that are used to make disposable diapers, margarine containers, and the like. When these are recycled, they can be made into battery cables, rakes, and even ice scrapers.

The plastics labeled 6 are those made out of polystyrene. These are the most commonly recycled plastics. The most common of these types are Styrofoam. Other products made out of this are packing foams, plastic cutlery, and many others.