Types Of Plant Diseases (2)

Diseases are not affecting only the human beings and animals, but there are also some diseases which are affecting the plants a lot. There are different types of plant diseases which will be discussing here. It is very important for every individual to have at least some idea regarding these types of diseases, so that; an individual can help in saving his/her garden from being ruined. For plant lovers, it will definitely prove to be a great source of knowledge.

Powdery mildew: this is the problem in which the plants are attacked by the fungus. This type of disease generally affects the mums, lilacs, roses and those plants which are woody in nature. It looks like a white colored powdery substance on the top of the leaf or stems or flowers. It is a kind of infection which affects the entire plant and may also result in killing the plant.

Verticillium Wilt: this is the kind of an organism whose nature is to spread through the top soil and then breaks the tissues of the root system. Generally, this type of disease exists in the cold weather. It generally damages the plants like strawberries, watermelons, potatoes and other fruit plants and green plants.

Fireblight: it is a kind of bacteria. It generally attacks the plants like pear, crab apple, quince, apple and many more fruit trees. Also, hawthorn, Toyon, and Pyracantha trees are also getting affected from these bacteria. They chiefly damage the stems and branches of the leaves and later these branches turned into black color. The only way of saving the plants from these bacteria is to burn that particular part of the plant which is infected. This will stop the further expansion of the bacteria to other parts of the plants or tree.

Rust: this is also a type of fungus which attacks the shrubs and trees like roses, Photinia, Hollyhocks, and many more other shrubs. It is generally yellow or orange in color. The plants and shrubs can be saved from this fungus by spraying the water and wettable sulfur every morning instead of evening. This will help in controlling the rust.

Leaf Spot and Peach Leaf Curl are also some types of plant diseases which are also required to be cured by the individuals. Not only for the plant have lovers but the individuals who are having gardened in their homes it is very important to be aware from all these types of plant diseases which will also help in protecting them.

Plants and trees are the most important part of our vegetation and it is our moral duty even to protect them from being infected by these different types of plant diseases. In fact, there are some plant diseases which also ruin the soil texture and it is also harmful in many ways. Such infected plants make that particular area (where they are grown) poisonous and it keeps on spreading with a quick speed. So, in order to stop this expansion of poison and infection then it is very important for us to keep the plants and trees safe.