Types Of Pine Trees

What are types of pine trees? There are very many types of pine trees existing across the globe. This variation has been brought about by the ever changing climatic conditions and the application of modern technology which has seen so many hybrid pine tree with high growth rate and very resistant to most adverse climatic conditions being planted to replace the indigenous ones. Some of the existing types of pine types of pine trees are:

The jack pine tree

These types of pine trees are scientifically called the Pinus banksiana. This tree has a growth rate of about 12 inches per year and it grows to maximum height of 40 feet. It has the capability of spreading to a region of about 30 feet. It is an ever green tree with narrow leaves. The jack pine tree is very useful in conservation purposes as it can be grown to prevent disasters caused by wind.

The lace bark pine tree

They are characterized by very slow growth rates and they can grow to a maximum height of 40 feet although some may exceed this height slightly. The leaves are needle shaped and they are evergreen plants. These types of pine trees forms kind of a pyramid shape and at times they may have a flat top. They are very useful when it comes to landscaping. These types of pine trees have a very unique back as i.e. a greenish- grey with some faint white, brown or red colours randomly scattered on its bark.

The Bristlecone pine

These types of pine trees are also referred to as the Hickory Pine or the Colorado Bristlecone pine. Its scientific name is Pinus aristata. It is also characterized with very slow growth rate and they grow up to average height of 20 feet or at times the height might be slightly above this. This type of pine trees are well known for their longer life span as compared to most types of trees. For example, the Methuselah is said to have stayed for more than 4700 years.

The Black pine

Scientifically, these types of pine trees are referred to as Pinus nigra. The black pine is known for its growth in a variety of soils as long as they can get access to sunlight. They can grow to an average height of 15 metres. They have a needle like leaves which are dark green. The foliage is usually very dense.

The Red Pine

Its scientific name is Pinus resinossa. They have narrow leave with an average growth rate of 15 inches per year. In most cases they are grown for timber and they have reddish bark with a maximum height of 70 feet.

The Scotch pine or Scots pine

These types of pine trees are widely known as Christmas trees due to their beautiful yellowish- green or bluish- green foliage. Although they do well in almost all soils, their optimal performance is experienced in loam or well-drained clay soils. Scientifically, it’s referred to as Pinus sylvestris and it grows to about 12 to 15 metres high. Various types of pine trees have proved to very significant in landscaping and this makes some species to be very expensive.