Types Of Physics Degrees

There are several types of physics degrees available for students who want to channel their career path along that direction. There are undergraduate physics degrees as well as post graduate physics degrees. Students who enroll for the undergraduate programs can concentrate on physics majors or physics minors. Some of the most common types of physics degrees include;

B.S. or B.sc in Physics:

This is the most popular among all types of physics degrees. There are several options when pursuing this form of degree. The courses allow students develop their physics knowledge and channel them in different career plans. Graduates from this program can get directly employed in an organization, get an advanced degree in the field, or pursue a career path in other areas like engineering or medicine.

The B.S. or B.sc. in Engineering Physics

This degree is for students who want to concentrate on engineering physics. There are several courses a student under this program will be exposed to. A graduate in this field can equally enroll for an advanced degree such as a Master’s Degree or other post graduate programs.

Some physics students would prefer to go for a double major in physics. Most of this group prefers to combine math with physics, though there are equally other double majors with physics. These types of physics degrees are usually combined with other majors like chemistry, astronomy, computer science, and engineering. For those who want to become physics instructors, they will be required obtain any of these types of physics degrees as well as teaching certifications or an education degree.

There are different types of physics degrees under the bachelor’s program and there are two options available for students. The first option is for students interested in graduating with a physics degree to become theoretical physicists. The second option is for students who would want to pursue another career bath but require some basic knowledge in physics to do so. In the latter case, a bachelor’s degree is the major requirement.

For those seeking teaching positions at the university level, there are several types of physics degrees available at the post graduate level too. Apart from becoming a university teacher, holders of advanced degrees in physics can work as top-level researchers in government labs or private industries. Most of these professional that engage in this type of research are usually doctorate degree holders.

There are equally other types of physics degrees available for distant learning. Online physics degrees are increasingly becoming popular these days. These types of physics degrees are highly valued for people who want some flexibility in their studies. The program is available in a lot of institutions and the certificate is equally well recognized. For those who want to enroll in these types of physics degrees, they will be required to offer courses such as physics education, radiation biology, health physics, and beam physics.

So, if you intend to pursue a career in physics, there are different types of physics degrees available for you. But you need to have strong basic knowledge in math and science in order to strive well in any of the programs.