Types Of Photography

What are the different types of photography? Photography is a fun thing to do. There are many people who have made their photography hobbies into businesses, really, because of the many advantages that they can get from it. This is why there are many types of photography that are out there. These are the many different ways that you can play around with your camera. The most common types of photography include amateur photography, artistic photography, black and white photography, aura photography, camera phone photography, animal photography, and many, many others.

When you hear of amateur photography, these pertain to any of the types of photography that are done by non-professionals. These are basically photography done by the ordinary you and me. The camera used here doesn’t really matter. You see, before only professionals use SLR cameras. Now, everyone can get their own camera and enjoy them by taking photos in an amateur manner.

Artistic photography are types of photography wherein the goal is to be able to produce something creatively artsy. These can contain photography of paintings and natural wonders. These can be as simple of taking photos of different colors as well.

Black and white photography is among the types of photography that are of black and white colors. Before, cameras can only capture blacks and whites. But now, cameras are able to capture pretty much the real life colors that exist. However, many people still opt to go for these types of photography as they give out a feel of drama and effects. These are the types of photography that explores tones, shapes, and textures. These types of photography focus on the subject themselves and not the art.

Aura photography is among those types of photography that captures the aura of a person. It is believed that each of us have certain auras that changes depending on how we feel and how we pretty much are. Among the many different types, these are known to be a controversial one and are usually confused with other types of photography, the Kirlian photography.

These days, our handheld gadgets and devices are equipped with cameras – good ones, for your information. These are called camera phone photography. There are many different camera phones available out there. Some may have great cameras and there are some that sport only the most basic. However, the best thing about these camera phones is the convenience of being able to take photos anytime, anywhere.

Animal photography is basically taking photos of animals. Pets and humans have a special relationship. Sometimes, it’s just so nice to take photos of our favorite animal companions. Documentary photography, on the other hand, is basically taking photos of important journals as well as historical and political events. Event photography is taking photos of events and other occasions such as parties, weddings, concerts, and the like. Forensic photography is taking photos of the legal stuff. It is taking photos of evidence and other police related matters. Lastly, commercial photography is taking photos of products and logos which have the goal of using them for advertisements.