Types Of Paint

What are the different types of paint? Art is important to us as it gives us relaxation when we are stressed in a busy day. This is why more and more people are into painting and making art. There are many different types of art and the most common of all is painting. To be able to make fantastic artworks, you will need to use the different types of paint. There are easily three main types of paint, watercolors, acrylic, and oil.

The first of the three types of paint are watercolors. These are the cheapest of the bunch. They are also easiest to explore given that they are usually water based. They produce a thin layer of colors which one can play around with. Do you remember your finger painting days? This is usually the first time you are able to paint and watercolors are the paint used in them. They are easy to handle and easy to wash, this is children are allowed to used them.

Acrylics are the types of paint that are mainly used by beginning painters. They are thicker than watercolors and very easy to blend with other colors. These are the types of pant that are also very easy to control. This is why many people love using acrylic paint on canvass. The good thing about acrylics is that they become plastic when they are dry. This can be a problem to some because it makes it hard to clean up.

Oil is among the most common types of paint used by professional painters. They are the easiest to control as well as the thickest among the three. Most professionals use this type of paint because they can be wet for hours. This only means that the painter can play around with the painting for hours and still it will look great. Also, he can change the different form and textures of the painting and still be able to control it even after a while. Given that the oil types of paint dry in a long time, when you finally decide that you don’t like the painting you are making, you can simply scrape out the entire painting and be able to reuse the canvas as it will not get damaged whatsoever. The main disadvantage of the oil paints is that they are quite expensive, compared to the first two type of paint. You will also need to use more diverse kinds of brushes and other materials. This is why they are mostly used by professionals.

Also, unlike the first two types, the oil paint cannot be washed and cleaned by water. You see, painting is not just a nice hobby; you can also earn a lot from selling paintings. If you start young, then you can easily hone your painting talents more and get to be a professional painter when you grow older. All you have to do is to get to know all the aspects of painting. Make sure that you know the materials that you can use to effectively create your painting masterpieces.