Types Of Oak Trees

What are the different types of oak trees? The family of the oak tree is made up of a large number of species and is considered to be an excellent landscaping tree. The oak tree was announced to be the national tree of America and this splendid and beautiful tree can easily live for almost 200 years. The oak tree not only gives a very beautiful look, but also carries a wide range of benefits. There are many types of oak trees, some of the commonly used of which are white oak, chestnut oak, bur oak, post oak, red oak, black oak, pin oak, scarlet oak, and southern red oak etc. the tree of the white oak is very large, but as compared to other oak trees it is not much tall. Typically, the height of white oak tree is about 60-150 feet, whereas the diameter is of almost 3-5 feet.

Chestnut oak is considered to be another great type of oak tree and the leaves of this tree have various pairs of rounded teeth. The normal height of this oak tree is approximately 80 feet and the diameter of the trunk lies between the ranges of 4-6 feet.

The bur oak tree has a height more than 80 feet and is usually up to 150 feet with the trunk diameter of 2-3 feet. The color of the bark of this tree is light gray with shallow furrows. The post oak type of oak tree is quite small in comparison to other oak trees and has an average height of about 50-70 feet. On the other hand, the diameter is between 1-2 feet and the wood of this type of oak tree is considered to be great for fencing.

The large oak tree of red oak grows up to the height of 70 to 150 feet and the diameter is about 4 feet. The inner bark of this red oak tree is reddish orange and the leaves are lobed having multiple points. The red oak tree is quite popular all around due to its great strength and beautiful reddish color. Another type of oak tree is of sawtooth oak which has beautiful leaves of yellowish and golden color. The average height of this oak tree is almost 40 -50 feet and a diameter of about 2-4 feet.

The willow oak is the type of oak tree which grows faster as compared to other oak trees and has limited water requirements. This tree is commonly found along the road-sides, streets, parks, and residential fields.

The water oak tree is valued commercially all around due to its strong and hard wood, which is used mainly for furniture and flooring. In addition, the wood of water oak, overcup oak, and scarlet oak etc are also used for the function of landscaping.

Another beautiful type of oak tree is of live oak, which is a splendid tree having evergreen leaves that gradually changes into dark green shade on maturing. All types of oak trees grow well in moist soil and full sun.