Types Of Oak Tree

Oak is among the unique and beautiful type of tree in the world. It comes in various forms; there are more than 500 types of oak tree. The oak trees have spiral, serrated and smooth leaves. It belongs to the family of Quercus. Oak trees initially originated from the northern hemisphere later they are also found in some part of Asia and America. Some of the types of oak tree are famous for their evergreen color like live oaks. The flower of oak trees is known as catkins, and fruits of oak trees are known as acorn. After the chestnut forest has been destroyed acorns becomes the major source of food for deer and other wildlife.

There are different types of oak tree which can be differentiated on the basis of many factors including color, size, growth patterns, climatic conditions etc. some of the types of oak tree has been discussed in detail.

Saw tooth oak

Saw tooth is among the rarest types of oak tree, it have beautiful golden brown fall leaves. It is very attractive tree and has a capability to grow faster than any other types of oak tree. Acorns grow in saw tooth oak is very attractive to the wildlife. It also provides shade from the scorching sun.

Scarlet oak

This is among those types of oak tree which grows till 60 to 80 feet. It has high resisting power to resist any rough climate or soil condition. It is one of the fastest growing oak trees.

Live oak

Live oak is one of the famous types of oak tree which is known for its beauty and evergreen color. It has been called as stylish and impressive tree of North America. It has long branches which long green leaves. It grows very fast and can grow throughout the year. It has a tendency to grow till 40 to 80 feet from the ground. When it is young it gives an impressive look to the nature.

Northern red oak

It is the fastest growing tree and have beautiful red leaves in the fall. It gives a unique beauty to nature with its color and characteristics. It is considered as very tough in trees; it can easily absorb harsh environmental condition including pollution and can also resist rough soil condition. It can easily grow till 60 to 75 feet. It is commonly known as a street tree.

Over cup oak

It is a unique rounded shaped structure. It has equal branches which almost equal leaves which make this tree systematic and well structured. It is good for urban culture and environment and can grow well in such condition. It has reddish brown color and have a tendency to grow till 45 to 70 feet.

White oak

This is among those types of oak tree which also have proper rounded structure. But, it doesn’t have equal branches and leaves, it have unique red fall color leaves. It needs large space to grow and looks impressive from far away. It has an ability to grow till 50 to 80 feet.