Types Of Nursing Jobs

If you always felt that you wanted to provide care for other people, although you were not really cut out to be a doctor, then pursuing a career in nursing is the next best thing. There are many types of nursing jobs to choose from, depending on the kind of work you want to be offering, as well as your specialty and qualifications.

First of all you need to figure out what types of nursing jobs suit you, so that you pursue the analogous degrees. The required degree could range from a simple diploma in nursing that will take you about a year to complete, an associate’s degree which should take you about two, or it might be even more demanding up the level of a four-year program that will grant you a bachelor’s degree, or even a master’s that would last another 2 to 4 semesters after you obtain your bachelor’s. Aim neither higher nor lower than you can, and choose the best program for you; that is a program that falls exactly within your range of capabilities on one hand, and one that will help you take advantage of certain career opportunities that you wish to pursue on the other.

As for the possible careers that you can follow, think of it like this: there are almost as many types of nursing jobs as there are medical emergencies and conditions. The most common among the various types of nursing jobs is agency nursing. The idea is to sign up with a certain agency, let them know of your availability, and whenever there is vacancy, you will be hired to offer your services on a shift to shift basis either in hospitals or in homes.

Other types of nursing jobs that are also very common are: nurse mid wives, nurse practitioners, and nurse anesthetists. A nurse practitioner, for example, is pretty must like a doctor: he can run diagnostics and assess both physical symptoms and laboratory results in order to identify a medical problem, and he can also prescribe the medication that is needed to treat the condition. As for the other two types of nursing jobs, both are in high demand. Surprisingly enough, nurse anesthetists are those who administer anesthetics during medical operations more than 50 % of the times, and nurse mid wives respectively help pregnant women deliver their babies more often than doctors do.

Other types of nursing jobs include but are not limited to: psychiatric nurses that take care of psychiatric patients (and their families) in hospitals and other mental institutions. Educator nurses that teach other people basic healthcare techniques, whether that is in a hospital, in schools, or anywhere else there is a need and a thirst for knowledge. Cancer nurses that help patients that have been diagnosed with cancer deal with their problem and ease their pain either in a hospital setting or at home (until the inevitable happens). And the list of the various types of nursing job goes on to specialties like critical care nurses and diabetes management nurses, up to forensic nurses that treat crime victims and collect evidence from them for the police, and research nurses that help doctors and other scientists build scientific theories and support them with medical findings. All in all, if you wish to find a job as a nurse, the only thing you have to do is to choose wisely.