Types Of Newspaper

There are various types of newspaper in circulation throughout the globe. A Newspaper is the periodical publication which would contain any news such as: current affairs, articles, editorials and advertisements. More generally, the newspapers would be printed on less expensive and low grade papers. Typically, the newspapers would be funded by the paid subscriptions and advertising. A typical newspaper would meet 4 major criteria namely:

• Publicity

• Periodicity

• Currency

• Universality

The newspapers can be broadly classified according to major factors:

• Frequency

• Geographical scope and distribution

Types of newspaper based on frequency:

Based on the frequency, the types of newspaper are as follows:

Daily Newspaper:

These types of newspaper would be issued daily. However, sometimes there would be exceptions on Sundays, Saturdays and often during some of the national holidays. Most generally, one could notice the issues on Saturdays and Sundays if available would be larger than normal issues. These weekend issues would come with more specialized sections and attachments and would be expensive than normal. More typically, maximum number of the workers of these types of newspaper would work only from Monday to Friday and hence, the contents of the weekend issues would depend on the contents that are done in advance. Most of these types of newspaper would be published during morning. During the early days, afternoon and evening issues were more common but they have become scarce during the current times. These issues would target the commuters and workers. Daily newspapers would publish world news and national news along with the local news.

Weekly Newspaper:

Weekly newspapers are those that are published once in a week. These types of newspaper tend to be smaller in size than the daily newspapers. Weekly newspapers would be distributed in much smaller areas when compared to the daily newspapers. They would contain the news that is local and personal. Also, there are newspapers that would be published twice or thrice during a week. Such newspapers would be generally called as ‘weeklies’.

Types of newspaper based on Geographical scope and distribution:

Regional Newspapers:

These types of newspaper are also called as local newspaper. The local newspapers would serve a particular region like a city or a part of a larger city. In general, most of the markets would have one to two newspapers that are dominating the particular region. More often, the large metropolitan newspapers have larger networks of distribution. These types of newspaper would contain little national and international news yet the primary focus would be on the local news which would be described in detail.

National Newspapers:

Almost all the nations of world have at least one of the newspapers that would circulate throughout the whole nation. Some of the examples of such newspapers are:

• The Financial Times

• The Wall Street Journal

• The New York Times

In addition to these papers, there are small group of newspapers which might be categorized as ‘International Newspapers’. A typical example such an international newspaper is ‘The International Herald Tribune’.

Apart from the aforementioned types of newspaper, there is one such type which is known as ‘Special Interest’ papers which serve a special part of any population such as Hispanics in America. Few of such special interest types of newspaper would focus on certain topics such as sports and business.