Types Of Negative Questions

Question means an expression of asking something written or verbal form. Different types of questions can be formed among which types of negative questions are important. Among the five types of questions, ‘Interrogative’ questions are one which has some sub categories.

In the English language, the Auxiliary verbs are useful to make different types of negative questions.

Negative questions can be separated in two broad categories. Such as:

1. WH questions

2. Yes/No question.

WH questions:

Among the types of negative questions WH questions are one. WH questions mean such questions which have the letters ‘W’ and ‘H’. These questions are formed in various ways. Normally, the WH questions are formed by the putting the WH word in first.

Anyway, the examples of WH questions are discussed below:

Who: This indicates a person. When anyone asks this, it means that he or she is indicating someone.

Example: Who are you?

Where: This indicates place or places. Asking this means to know about any place.

Example: Where have you come from?

Why: This indicates any reason of something. Asking this means to know the reason of any event or others.

Example: Why did you do this?

When: This indicates the time of any event. Asking this means the person want to know the time of any event.

Example: When you’ll do this?

How: This indicates the manner of something. Asking this means the person want to know the way or manner of any event. Not only this but also ‘How’ is used to know well is anyone.

Example: How it is possible?

What: This indicates any object, action or any idea. It also can be used in various purposes.

Example: What is your name?

Which: This indicates to choose something among some options.

Example: Which one is yours?

Whose: This indicates the possession if something. This is asked to know the ownership of something.

Example: Whose book is this?

Whom: This also indicates a person but it is actually an object. The difference between ‘Who’ and ‘Whom’ is Who is used as subject and ‘Whom’ is used as object.

These are the common types of WH questions. Among the types of negative questions the answers of the WH questions are sometimes becomes descriptive in comparison to the Yes-no questions.

Yes-No questions:

Yes-No questions are the questions to which answers can be made by only ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. These questions are asked in such a way that the answerer can simply say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. Another name the Yes-No question is ‘Polar question’.

Example of Yes-No question is:

Hey! Are you there?

Simply, the answerer can say ‘Yes’ if he or she is there. But, the question was, ‘Where are you?’ Then the answer can’t be ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.

Yes-No questions can be formed in different ways. Normally, the way is ‘Verb-Subject- Object’.

In fact, the Yes-No questions are not only used in English language, but also used in other languages. This one actually follows a common type of sentence structure.

Anyway, the two types of negative questions are broadly used in English language. The modern English introduces with different sentence structures always.