Types Of Natural Wood

There are many types of natural wood that are being used in building homes and other structures these days. There are many different kinds of wood. There are hard ones as there are soft ones as well. The point is that you can opt to have any kinds of look that you want if you know the types of natural wood. This is why you should know them well so as to be able to choose well as well.

Cedar is among the soft types of natural wood. At present, the most widely used ones are the western red variety. They are, as the name implies, reddish in color. They are known to have a straight grain as well. They are known to have aromatic scent too. In most furniture and indoor wood projects, cedar types of natural wood are mostly used as they are perfect for them. Much like any kinds of natural wood, these are also known to be able to last a long time and are known to be very durable as well. Another good reason why there are so many people who like using cedar is because of the fact that they can easily be found. This only means that they are also reasonably priced, and hence loved by many.

Fir is among the soft types of natural wood as well. They are known to have straight and pronounced grains. Like the cedar, they are also reddish but the fir is somehow brownish. Among all types of natural wood, these are known to be the cheapest and hence are widely used around the globe. This is also the main reason why they are also known to be used in furniture making and the like. Plus, compared to other soft wood, fir is very strong and hence is best used in outdoor structures and furniture.

Ash is among the hard types of natural wood. It is known that these types of natural wood have pale brown or even white color. They have straight grains too. Among all the different kinds of hard wood, these are the ones that are easiest to work with. They are also known to be able to take stain better. The problem with ash is that they are very hard to find. They are not readily available in home centers too. You have to go to lumberyards in order to find them and hence make them quite expensive.

Maples are types of natural wood that can be either soft or hard. Although, no matter which one you choose you can still be able to rely on the fact that it is hard and durable. The main difference between the two kinds of maples is that the hard ones are hard to work with while the soft ones are easy. They have fine grains and straight one as well and both kinds are known to be very stable. Compared to different kinds of hard and soft woods, there are many people who opt to use maple because they are known to be reasonably priced and widely available.