Types Of Nail Art

Nail art is quite common in the world of today and what once used to be nail polish has now evolved into nail ‘art’. There are several types of nail art nowadays and these are usually used by most women but some men do go for nail art as well. Nail art is trendy, funky and quite ‘in’ because of which so many people are going for it and besides, the concept is one that is quite appealing. It helps set your nails apart from that of your friend. You can literally ‘customize’ your nails as well.

One of the many types of nail art is the use of certain types of brushes to make swirls on the nails. These brushes are known as fan brushes and are good for creating the sprinkling glitter effect on your nails. You can get rid of excess glitter or material off of your nails and that swirly pattern would actually look quite funky on your nails. There are quite a few effects you could create with these types of brushes but the most popular option are swirls and quirky patterns that are similar to these types of patterns.

Another of the many types of nail art is to create the detailed effects on your nails. There are certain types of brushes for such detail and patterns. These are very precise and can be used for beautiful and excellent details. They tend to be very pointed and if you want to make interesting patterns, this is the brush to go for. These types of nail art would truly help individualize your nails and give it a unique look. You just have to know how to use this brush because if you do not use them properly, the details produced would be quite messed up.

The favorite of all types of nail art is the dot pattern. Girls love little dots on their nails because they make their nails look cute. You could make different dots of different sizes and they would really help funk up your nails and give it that cute feel and look. You would need the dotter brush for these and you can create dots of different sizes but it would be preferable if you bought different sized dotters so that you could use these to make certain types of dots on your nails rather than making the same-sized ones over and over again. There are bigger dotting tools that you could go for instead.

If you want to play around with those types of nail art where you could create different patterns with thin lines and patterns, you could get the striper brush which is also known as the liner brush. They tend to have very thin and precise endings and you could make lines of different sizes with these brushes. Thick, thin and medium sized lines can be made with these to add more color and detail to your nails.

These are just some of the various types of nail art and brushes available out there.