Types Of Music Rhythm

There are various types of music which is why you would come across various types of music rhythm as well and in some cases technology has allowed us to discover new types of music rhythm too. Where rhythms are concerned there are period successions, repetitions and such like in a music because of which they are said to be rhythmic and different music made in the world have different types of music rhythm which is what gives them their distinct qualities.

One of the many types of music rhythm is the regular rhythm. There is a thing known as soundtracks when it comes to rhythms and these are what allow us to create different types of music rhythms. When the tracks are very similar in their timings and the way they are played that is when regular types of music rhythm are created. One can predict the next element because they will already have heard it previous and so the same pattern would repeat in some songs. The repetition of the pattern itself and the playing around with the regular rhythm is what helps create basic music and you can tell regular rhythms apart from other types of music rhythm. They may have an “ABCABC” pattern and would play this way throughout the musical piece.

When there are intervals in the music and the beat changes and increases or decreases to bring about that feeling of music moving from low to high or high to low, these types of music rhythm are known as flowing rhythms. Every element in these types of music rhythms are unique and at the same time they may even seem to overlap or they may seem similar but no element is like the next even if they do appear to be similar. If you were to think of the pattern they would be something like AAB AAB BBC BBC CCD CCD and such like.

Another of the various types of music rhythm is the quadruple rhythm in which the pattern would be such that there would be 4 different accents, notes or beats and every one of them would play one after the other. After this the same pattern would be repeated. The pattern would be something like ABCD ABCD in which one note plays after the next and when the pattern is complete the notes would start to repeat again in the same pattern.

These are some of the many types of music rhythm but there are many others that are far more complicated than these ones. Technology has helped in coming up with different genres of music and has allowed disc jockeys and artists to play different types of music rhythm that are faster and much quicker than what older instruments may help in creating. However, anything that can be played has a rhythm. We even have a rhythm in our bodies and so does music. Playing with different types of music rhythm helps create and make different types of music as well.