Types Of Music Production

Hip-Hop, Cinematic, Rock or Heavy metal, etc. are certain types of music production that are popular today. Each has a different style and has its own quality and character. The music industry introduces different types of music productions from time to time. It is very dynamic in nature. People are crazy about the different types of music produced. The range of the types of music is increasing at a very fast pace. A certain type of music is created by certain instruments and equipments that used to record the music. The discussion about the various types of music production goes like this-

* Hip-Hop- this kind of music form has given rise to Rap. The foundation of this kind of music is build upon gritty drum sounds and sequences. Depending on the actual hip-hop it more or less relies on sampling. Hip-Hop music came into existence in 1970’s. It is one of the newer forms of music. It is generally confused and used in place of Rap. People are crazy about learning hip-hop music and dance. In Discos and at various other places, this type of music is extremely famous.

* Rock or Heavy Metal- this type of music originated in United States as ‘rock and roll’ in 1950’s. The only instruments played while producing rock or heavy metal music are electric guitar, bass guitar and drums. When this type of music became famous keyboards and synthesizers were also added to it. The group producing or performing rock music is known as rock band or rock group. The team members may range from 2 to 5, depending on the type and number of instruments required.

* Cinematic or Film music- cinematic music has altogether a different taste to it. Certain examples where this kind of music is used are- Titanic, Star Wars and Avatar. The focus of these types of music production is on orchestral instruments, bass, strings and woodwings. This type of music generally gives a movie its effects and creates an atmosphere. It is known to be the most versatile kind of music because it can even be created with or without vocals and even without some instruments.

* Children’s Music- in these types of music production generally bells, vibes, whistles and brass is used. This increases the sense of happiness and creates interest among children. No instrument with a heavy sound is used. Sometimes soft drum sounds are used so that good effects may be given to the music.

* Country Music- country music is also centred and focused on guitars but is different than Rock Music. With little distortions, cleaner guitar sounds are used to create this kind of music. Generally rock music and country music are confused with each other but music lovers can very well differentiate between the two.

* Electronic Music- this is the last kind of music which is discussed in this article. The main genres included in this music are- drum and bass, house, trance, ambient and different variants of them. Because of the use of synthesizers, effects and filters, its sound is now confused with the pop music.