Types Of Music Listeners

Just the way there are different types of music, there are equally different types of music listeners. Different people have different ways they feel and perceive music. While some are quite choosy about what they want to listen, some others don’t care as far as the tone sounds nice to their ears. Also, people have different cultures and styles of music they enjoy most. Below are the different types of music listeners

1. Radio Admirers

These types of music listeners do not mind the type of song playing as long as it is from the radio. They don’t have a particular favorite song because it depends on the number of times the song is played on radio. Their choice of favorite songs depends on how often the song is played on radio. The most played songs receive the highest ratings from them and they usually follow the opinions of the presenters. These types of music listeners are quite conversant with different radio stations and know which ones play the latest Britney Spears songs. No matter the types of scandals these musicians that have followed the personal lives of these musicians, they are definitely going to have fans as long as their songs are aired on radio.

2. Rave music listeners

These types of music listeners are more concerned with the kind of music they can dance to. As long as the music has a high rhythm and fills the air through speakers, they will love to play them. They are equally called club heads with their admiration and love for club music. They just love listening to music they can dance to no matter where they music comes from. Their ipods are filled with these types of music.

3. Scenesters

They are also called hipsters and go to extreme miles to “find out” unpopular bands they want to listen to. When they discover these bands, they try to force others to listen to them by making them see reasons to. These types of music listeners do not stick with these groups when they eventually get popular, rather they abandon them and go in search for other new or unpopular bands to follow. They do not listen to mainstream music but only songs that are rarely known.

4. Backpackers

These types of music listeners are mainly concerned with hip hop music. They want to identify with the hottest rap songs and sometimes believe they are also rappers. Backpackers can flow with different rap songs and you might even think they have their own recorded songs. But in reality, most of them have never been to the studios.

5. Fathers dad music

There are some types of music listeners that will always listen to classic rock no matter their ethnicity or how old they are. These people are the reasons why you hate Elvis and love the Beatles. For them, there isn’t a complete music without a drummer or a guitar.

6. “Follow what you like” listeners

These types of music listeners identify with the type of music you love listening to. They don’t have their own personal choice but want to go with those music their colleague feel it’s cool.